Sunday, April 21, 2013

The COST of Medical Care-HuffPo

Here's the link;  Health Care Costs Will Be Higher Than Half Of Country's Income By 2037: Study 

Why do you suppose that is?  I can tell you part of it...crna's (anesthesia nurses) getting six figure salaries that allow them to live a life of "wealth and privilege" in the 90th percentile of US wage earners.  Did you know the AVERAGE salary of one of these little princes/princesses is $182,000.  How does that grab you?  For this we get sub par and inhumane treatment which includes the next driver of medical cost...VERSED SEDATION!  This "sedation for everybody whether they need it or not" has to stop.  Just the sedation and related costs add THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to the most mundane of treatments. 

Then there are other costs associated with crna's and their brain poison, that being that they can and do get away with giving their helpless patients FAR more treatment than the patient consented to.  They can and will LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH about how you consented to more treatment by NOT OBJECTING any more after they shot you up with Versed.  After all this drug is meant to conceal their actions from you, not make you the patient comfortable.  Versed is a shroud of darkness over events that has gotten medical workers accustomed to lying with impunity.  After all, the main effect of Versed is AMNESIA, followed by craven obedience.

So, they get LOTS of money for perpetrating this freak show against their patients, they get to do whatever the hell they want to patients without reprisal and they get to lie like rugs.  What's not to like.  As long as you are a medical minion that is.  If you are a patient, it's a whole other story isn't it?

For those of you like Julia the anesthesia nurse who feels that health care reform will help her out, I wouldn't count on it baby cakes.  Even our bloated tax happy government can't afford all the promises in the [un]Affordable Care Act.  The fallout is beginning already and this atrocity hasn't even been implemented yet.  The government WILL be coming after you.  They will cap your salary and prevent you from sticking your needle of Versed into us on a whim.  There will be MORE accountability and you are going to be in the middle of it.  We can't afford you people, nobody can.  Change is in the wind.  I can hardly wait.

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