Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Couple Of Sites About Dementia

We all know that sedation in the ICU in particular causes dementia.  Versed being the most culpable.  Dementia is very serious, even though our medical workers appear not to give a damn, so long as sedating people makes their job easier.  The following links about dementia are worth reading.

 One in Three Elderly Have Dementia When They Die

Dementia Tops Cancer, Heart Disease in Cost

I have had both doctors and nurses contact me and tell me about how Versed causes dementia.  The best quote I have from a nurse is that whenever one of her patients gets Versed a little less of them comes back.  Why is the medical field doing this to us?  They give us a chemical lobotomy with Versed, when they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about brain function, or the long term ramifications of using such a drug!  It frightens me when I hear of patients getting a continuous infusion of Versed to keep them docile.  This drug is so dangerous I can't believe that its use is allowed.  And these medical people use it ALL THE TIME!  For any specious reason!  They are completely dependant upon this drug in order to do their job.  They want a shroud of secrecy and an obedient patient, all the while subjecting patients to torture and brain damage.  The simple torture of being immobilized and treated like slabs of meat, bored out of your mind by sadistic nurses would make anybody want to die, let alone being subjected to enormous "stimulation" (pain) as well.  Personally I would rather be dead than get even one more injection of Versed.

An aside about the "stimulation" comment above.  I have had two different doctors tell me that it is easier to operate on somebody who is simply sedated because the "enormous stimulation" of pain and agony keeps the blood pressure up.  Isn't that special?  They rely on amnesia instead of pain relief so that the patient isn't as hard to maintain.  All of this is stored in the subconscious as far as anybody knows, implicit and explicit memory being two separate and distinct brain functions.  Patients on Versed exhibit similar brain wave patterns to being wide awake and without amnesia.  There is no way to tell if the patient is experiencing amnesia of the event.  And the 'care givers' don't give a damn.

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