Sunday, August 5, 2012

Perhaps I Was A Little Harsh!

I may have been a little harsh on poor Matt who took the time to respond to one of my former posts entitled "More On Horrible Side Effects" from January 2011.  I can't help but wonder why Matt would respond to the tone of that article with the EXACT SAME PLATITUDES I got from the treatment center where I went?  Do they teach these anesthesia nurses what to say? 

It makes me want to SCREAM when I hear these words or minor variations of them.  "Why would you want to remember the pain?"  I say "Why is there pain?  Isn't it your JOB to ensure that I am as pain free as possible?"  Another question of mine is this "What is so horrible about feeling a little pain?  We all go through it, why do we have to be assaulted with an amnesia drug to (hopefully) prevent this?"  It's not like they only have whiskey and a bullet to bite for pain relief!  Morphine was invented a loooong time ago...  Why can't we just have the pain killer part and not the questionable amnesia part?"

Another thing that strikes me as odd, and I have heard it a thousand times (very slight exaggeration) is the part where they just don't have TIME to explain anything.  They told me that little gem of wisdom at the medical treatment center I went to as well.  It must be in the anesthesia nurse handbook.  Funny thing is, they had plenty of time to threaten me about the dangers of a nerve block, and to harass me over and over about my refusal of general anesthetic.  Finally they just pumped me full of Versed and forced me into compliance.  My doctor was over an hour late for surgery.  I have a feeling that the anesthesia nurse who was pretending to be a physician knew this, so he had all that time to explain things to me.  He just didn't WANT TO! 

The time issue is a big one for both the anesthesia personnel and the patient.  We are being goaded and coerced into signing away all of our patient rights by these people.  We have the right to all the time we need in order to give an INFORMED consent.  Concealing the true nature of the drugs like Versed by claiming a time issue is against the law.  Isn't the law on this subject taught in anesthesia school?  Amazing isn't it how these people don't get that!  You would think that they NEVER read the informed consent laws.  You know the part where they MUST explain things...

I just timed myself with this statement;  "I want to give you a sedative (for want of a better term) called Versed which will hopefully cause amnesia.  It does not relieve pain.  A significant number of patients report long term memory problems and anxiety, insomnia, rage, depression etc which are or mimic symptoms of PTSD.  Do you want to be sedated with Versed?"  It took me 20 SECONDS!  Don't tell me that you people can't find 20 seconds to ask a patient if they want this kind of sedation drug!  So even if Matt wanted to tell his patients about the effects and side effects of each medication the patient would get after Versed, it can't take more than 5 minutes.  IT'S THE DAMN LAW THAT THEY DO THIS!  Why are they getting away with this thought process?  It's ILLEGAL to treat patients without stating the effects, side effects and alternatives to the procedure and the drugs.  You people are NOT above the law, no matter how much you think of yourselves.

As for amnesia being a main component of anesthesia, since when?  Either you are out or you have a nerve block or something to RELIEVE PAIN!  Amnesia doesn't do that.  Why are these anesthesia people obfuscating this issue?  They want you to OBEY them and they want to be able to torture you without a single thought about your suffering, that's why.    They don't give a damn about you or your pain.  Matt absolutely agrees with this.  His only thought is why you would want to REMEMBER what they did?  Well, why wouldn't I?  Is he ashamed to be allowing pain to be inflicted upon his patients, so much so that his only concern is that you don't REMEMBER what they did? 

In closing, thanks Matt for telling me the same old tired excuses I have come to expect.  I do appreciate that you took the time to write a response to my piece.  (seriously)  I just don't understand why, after hundreds of my posts, and hundreds of patient grievances about Versed and informed consent, you would come here and make the same ridiculous statements that I have already heard?  Why would you come here and explain that you not only routinely break the law, but that we should love having our brains tampered with by a drug which causes so many people long term problems?  Why would you admit that you DON'T EVEN BOTHER to alleviate pain?  Instead you want to give an amnesia drug?  Why?

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