Saturday, August 11, 2012

A NURSE On Askapatient

I grabbed the following from here;VERSED: Side effects, ratings, and patient comments  I encourage everybody to go over to the site and look at why Versed is rated as a 2.7 out of 5!  Keep in mind that it is my opinion that medical workers routinely vandalize the site, placing '5' ratings so that their patients don't decline Versed. 

"I am an RN, if that means anything with these comments.  This is the dumbest drug I've ever seen.  It's primary "help," in my opinion, from personal experience and hearing from friends, is to put you into such an apathetic child-like state that you can't speak for yourself honestly when you are in agony during a procedure!  Very convenient for the doctor and staff.  Maybe they are in denial about it's effectiveness?  The amnesia wears off for me and many others I've encountered, leaving you with a sense of being victimized and traumatized.  If the nurse is saying: "are you okay?" after hearing you moaning like hell, what's wrong with the picture, even if you are so dumbed down that you answer (because the doc has momentarily stopped the procedure) that you ARE okay.  Then, immediately the agony starts again.  Only later are you smart enough to care, when they are on to the next patient!!!!  Never again!!!"

If these people are willing to do this of one of their own, what do you think they will do to YOU?  Aside from that this is an interesting perspective.  I never thought about the "child-like" apathy!  I also like the part about responding in the affirmative to the health care workers questions.  Not that you will probably remember doing so...  There is an "anti-conflict" component to Versed which would lead you to answer in the way that the health care worker wants you to.  Adding this kind of drug to a patient whose desire is to be a 'good' patient and you get the recipe for abuse.

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