Thursday, February 16, 2012

If anybody reading this hasn't gone over to versedbusters for a while, there are more posts from others who have suffered through Versed injections at the hands of sadistic medical professionals. Actually they don't have to be a true sadist, the sadistic part is a byproduct of being a Versed pusher. These people are inured to patient suffering because of the (unreliable) amnesia. These brilliant medical workers will scratch their heads in confusion when we identify the poison we all find so objectionable. The will deny that patients are in pain, the screams, the begging for the procedure to stop. Never happens according to them. They deny that their drug of choice causes horrible and long term side effects. They will fight you if you even try to prevent them from using their "go to drug" Midazolam.

Go to and read! We are NOT imagining this! It's doubly insulting to hear these howls of denial from medical workers, when 1) THEY KNOW IT'S TRUE that Versed is a very bad drug for PATIENTS! 2) They continuously claim that it ISN'T TRUE, that Versed is wonderful even in the face of proof that it's bad! I almost have to laugh at these oh-so-smart crna's and such telling us these ridiculous things! Come on you guys. You know perfectly well that you torture people on Versed. You KNOW how bad this drug is and yet, in your infinite wisdom, you continue to practice torture and willfully inject people with a drug they don't want, don't need, and shouldn't be used.

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