Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Textbook FAIL; 2nd paragraph

"What happened: when the anesthesiologist came to me pre-op mere minutes prior to surgery to wheel me to the OR (he never asked if I had questions, never explained anything - noda, nothing, zip, zilch). I specifically said I wanted to be awake as long as possible and be 'put out' only when absolutely necessary. He verbally agreed. I am thrilled! When my husband had surgery 2 years ago, I noticed on his anesthesia record that anesthesia starts loooooong before surgery and I wanted to avoid not only the additional expense, but I wanted to experience all I could. I get on the table, an additional IV is started, I am asking questions as I am super curious about what is happening. The next thing I know I comment on a 'sensation' in my arm and he replies that that is the medication (did not name). I remember saying, "It's too early" and then blackness. Mind you - I was not anxious, I was not nervous, the prep was not painful, and I have endured much more embarrassing incidents so there was no medically necessary reason for me to be out or sedated."
This is standard operating procedure for medicine these days. (pun not intended) Mere minutes isn't enough time to talk to the patient and explain what the plan is. Is this intentional? I think so. With Versed, there's no point in explaining anything is there? The patient will have amnesia (they hope) about everything anyway.

Verbally agreeing is their way of not having any more conversation with you as a patient than is humanly possible and still perform their job. They don't give a damn WHAT you say or WHAT you want. Who are you anyway? Once a document is signed, then they can go ahead with whatever the hell they want. Prove you said NO! Prove that all this isn't medically necessary, just like they claim!

Why wouldn't the "anesthesia" start loooong before the surgery? It serves several purposes. I think #1 is that the medical people want to "get rid of you" as quickly as possible. Annoying patients and their endless questions are to be avoided at all cost. Which brings me to reason #2 which is that the sooner they can drug you with Versed, the sooner the level of care cost can be adjusted upward. Same nurse, same patient, but now the nursing care "charges" skyrocket and they can add in the crna charges. See how that works? Versed is for medical workers, not patients, comfort and ease. Reason #3 would be the "truth serum" part of Versed, in which the patient divulges all their deep dark secrets for the amusement of staff. How fun! Last but not least is the completely obedient and docile patient afforded by Versed. No matter how adamant you are about refusing certain things, this drug will render you totally compliant. The medical workers surely take advantage of this! They took advantage of *me* that way. Claiming I "didn't object" to things after a hefty dose of Versed. Oh yeah, my crna left out the Versed part...

I'm sorry, but my friend still has/had some pre-conceived notions about health care being about the patient. It doesn't matter that SHE wanted to stay awake as long as possible. It doesn't matter that SHE wasn't interested in getting Versed and clearly said NO! It doesn't matter what her mental state was. Versed isn't used for calming frightened, worried or anxious patients... I know that's what medical workers SAY, but it's not true. See above paragraph for the TRUE reasons Versed is used. It's all about the medical workers wishes, not the patients desires. She's on top of it now!

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