Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Patient Speaks Out!

If you have read my post entitled "Testbook FAIL Of Medical Care" where a patient describes her experience, this is the same patient. She is responding to "Jules" on my "Fair and Balanced" post. It's patently obvious that we expect something more than the practitioners believe we should have... We want the truth about the alternatives, just like it states in "informed" consent LAW! We also want the least intrusive procedure possible, not the most costly. We need to be able to TRUST our medical workers have our best interests in mind. Unfortunately, starting right out with the Versed injections, there doesn't seem to be a single jot of patient "care." Not for our mental health, not for our physical health and not for our finances. Absolute and total disregard for patient safety as well. What is going on?

Here is our patient rebutting Jules in her own words. Don't you agree?

Kay has left a new comment on your post "Fair and Balanced!":

"I do realize that doctors have varying levels of training and/or proficiency, but to subject a patient to an incision from navel to pubis which necessitates a multiple-day stay in the hospital, requires pain medication for untold days and/or weeks,to blithely tell me I would have to return for further surgery for a related procedure she was not capable of (my surgeon did it all in one visit to the OR), and to have to be off work for weeks, not to mention the increased cost is, to me, out and out patient abuse. Pure and simple. And, in fact, my surgeon said the reason the other wanted to do the slicing was 'she wants the money'!! Very telling that one surgeon would say that about another.

The DaVinci robot was available at the hospital where the surgeon wanted to slice, but I didn't even know there was an option - she just wasn't willing to hand me over to another surgeon and lose all that money.

*But please know that healthcare workers chose their field to help, not to hurt, their patients.* That may be true, but somewhere along the way they lost that ideal and now it most certainly is just a job and just a source of income. I have no problem with that, but would it be so hard to treat us with respect and courtesy and dignity."

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