Friday, February 17, 2012


I got a couple of irate rants from somebody who claims to use Versed on her daughter for seizures. I'm not going to print them in their entirety because they are simply the lunatic ravings of an idiot, but here's an excerpt;

"Versed allowed administrtaion [sic] of a quick responding and highly effective intranasal route..."

This is absolutely frightening to me. A lay person (allegedly) is allowed to possess and dispense a drug like this without medical supervision. She could use it on ANYBODY for any reason. So she can destroy not only her own daughter's brain, but also anybody else whom she pleases. She admits there are other drugs to use which are just not as easy!

If this woman can get Versed, so can anybody else. I wonder where she gets it? Does she get it from her doctor's office? Does she get it at Wal-Mart? Rite Aid? So any druggy can get their hands on it by robbing the drug store? How does she transport it? Does she carry it in her PURSE? Does she leave it in her car? Does she have some in her house while she's gone? Has she heard of purse snatchers? Carjackers? Burglaries? Any anti social person can now get their hands on Versed and use it for nefarious purposes? How wonderful for rapists!

What's to stop her from giving it to her best friend to control a temper tantrum in their 2 year old? Is she going to use it like pepper spray on anybody she doesn't like the looks of? This woman LOVES Versed! Of course that's because, like medical workers, she uses it on somebody else. Anybody who writes what this woman wrote to me should NEVER under any circumstances be allowed to possess this drug! The idea that she has it, uses it, takes it out in public is shocking to me. I'm going to see if this is true. I have trouble believing that any old person can strut around with Versed in their possession! I'm calling my pharmacy! This, if true, must be stopped.

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