Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Versed Discussion

Here is a discussion on Versed on a gardening site. A conversation about Versed - Kitchen Table Forum - GardenWeb I don't know any of these people and I'm NOT a gardener. How odd is it that PATIENTS are discussing Versed and the problems with it independently? There is no "vast conspiracy" to denigrate this particular drug. We are not all getting together on facebook and deciding to ARBITRARILY attribute bad reactions to this drug Versed! We are discussing our reactions and those of our loved ones to Versed and forming conclusions about what this drug is and how devastating it is for us. We can't all be wrong either. The only common denominator in our experiences is Versed.

I have a couple of quotes from this discussion. I am throwing them in here to show how we patients are coming to the same conclusions, apart from each other, implicating Versed.

"Susan (alisande) posted recently about memory loss connected to the medical use of Versed prior to anesthesia.

The DD of aging parents told me she is concerned that her father is rapidly becoming senile. He had esophogeal cancer surgery and must have endoscopies every six months now to monitor his condition.

I asked his DD if she was aware that Versed could be contributing to his rather sudden loss of ability to find his way while driving. She hadn't made the connection, but said that *she* has had a bad reaction to the drug. Her MD told her to state on medical forms that she is "allergic" to Versed."

I have also opined that Versed mimics Alzheimer's and could be culpable in creating an accelerated Alzheimer's type memory problem. I have been taken to task for DARING to mention this! I have a couple of unpublished comments from medical personnel doing just that. If you want to see them e-mail me at nomidazolam@aol.com and I will forward them to you.

I also want to mention the "allergy" to Versed. I have heard from too many people including my own family members, that saying that you are "allergic" to Versed doesn't work. There is a narrow PHYSICAL description of what an "allergic" reaction is. A bad reaction or paradoxical reaction isn't something that the medical people give a damn about. Once they fight with the patient over the exact terminology of what an "allergy" is, then they go ahead and give Versed anyway.

"An 81-year-old friend wrote to me recently asking about my experience with cataract surgery. I'm sure my reply wasn't quite what he expected, as 3/4 of it basically said, "Stay away from Versed."

Sure sounds like something *I* would do, but this quote isn't me! It's from the same discussion I linked to in the opening paragraph. The final quote is below in green. I LOVE this one!

"Maybe we are *creating* mentally impaired people -- who will need medical care, (ware)housing, other profit-producing services. Insurance companies could sell more long term care!"

So there you have it! Yet another discussion of Versed by the people that are being assaulted and damaged by it. Of course crna's and the like have also found this discussion and with boringly predictable behavior have nastily defended Versed. Medical workers love Versed SO MUCH that they just can't stand to have any stupid patients say anything bad about this drug, anywhere at any time without jumping in with their sneering comments. I've never seen anything like it. I had to add this quote from one of our esteemed medical workers....

"As to the person whose dad had esophageal ca & was getting rapidly senile..... you've taken one variable (the Versed) & pinned it as a cause/effect. What about the fact he is AGED?"

Oh yes, let's not forget "sudden onset AGE!" LOL That's what it has to be! Can't be Versed... The very drug that they give to people to cause memory loss by disrupting the delicate processes of the brain (not to mention extreme docility) can't possibly be contributing to additional memory loss post injection... Gee that makes no sense to me! I'm being facetious here folks! Just taking a jab at our oh-so-very-smart medical workers. It's not rocket science people. Versed is used to cause the same symptoms that are being objected to later. There is a very clear connection.

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