Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glenn's Experience Part 2

Versed - some memories - Part 2

Thank you for replying and, yes please - feel free to put this on your blog. Lived in SF back in the 90's, I'm now back living in the UK. My memory is somewhat photographic - kind of necessary when dealing with program suites that consist of around 100K lines of densely packed code, or thousands of separate systems known only by a machine-generated name (eg m2964ezgx7) - how they are set up, interact with others and so on. Not trying to brag here, mind - just trying to convey they way my memory works, and why my recollections may be more accurate than those of many people.

I remember a lot more about it now. Those memories were there all along, it took a near panic attack / PTSD experience in the local dentist to bring it back in bits and pieces, but now entire chunks have returned. That was my first dental procedure since (other than check-ups). Thoughts taking place at the time are also now recalled, besides just the event itself. It's very troubling indeed, but I don't believe any of these are imagined or false "recovered" memories.

There's the thoughts of utter misery and confusion, not being aware of my previous life while on the drug - the world and my existence simply consisted of being in that chair, being tortured for no reason that I could think of. All I wanted was for the torture to stop, and trying to think of anything to end it, pleading with them. Finally, I was begging them to kill me.

It's not a pleasant task, reliving this experience. It's hard to think of much else, in fact. The memories have returned, and I recall what I was thinking at the time. Please stand by for a more full account of what I know to be the genuine experiences, forgotten temporarily as a result of this Versed. It is with some trepidation that I wonder what would be recalled next. Perhaps putting on that old CD played during the torture session will jog more memories.
I am so glad that Glenn contacted me. I am looking forward to putting up lots of his thoughts on his experience. For all you anesthesia types, does Glenn's experience sound like a fun trip? He was begging them to kill him! This is not OK in any way, shape or form, regardless of whether he could remember it or not. I am still able to be shocked at the depraved indifference to suffering that is exhibited by people who use Versed, even in a dental setting!

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