Monday, January 3, 2011

So Many, It's Impossible!

"There are so many people involved with the patients care that it would be impossible to molest, rape or otherwise sexually assault a patient. These patients must be mistaking our flesh toned LMA device with somebodies penis. These patients are insane to start with. These patients are hallucinating things because of the medications. These patients just don't understand that we are there to save lives and we would never, ever harm one of our patients." If you believe any of this, you are simply WRONG!

Here is a pending lawsuit from Marrietta Georgia. Patients Sue WellStar Health System in Nurse Molestation Cases Austell News (How come we never hear about this?)

The complainants allege that a CRNA (who'da thunk it) named Paul Serdula knocked these women unconscious (assuming he gave them Versed, some reports do mention sedation) and then had his way with them. This was in the busy OR according to some reports. That's not the half of it. He TAPED himself doing so and the Cobb County Police have allegedly obtained tapes of MORE THAN 100 WOMEN AND GIRLS being molested while under anesthesia.

Bear with me here; These women feel that they were unconscious, however in other reports this was done in the preop area. Correct me if I'm wrong, but g/a isn't induced in the patient prep area, only in the OR. I am thinking that the OR wouldn't have the privacy afforded by a screened preop area, or am I mistaken? Most people report that their experience of Versed is just like being unconscious. Of course the medical people are trying to split this hair... Were they unconscious? (patients view) Or were they really unconscious? (clinical view) Who the hell cares? The patients were not mentally capable of determining if they were MERELY amnestic or if they really were unconscious are they? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHICH! It would be just like a defense attorney to make a big deal out of this! Were they unconscious or just thought they were unconscious? Well if they were only given an amnestic and unable to move or object, but not clinically unconscious then they wanted it...

(My CRNA said that I "didn't object" i.e. gave consent to the g/a once he had drugged me into submission with Versed. Just kidding, he conveniently left out the part about the Versed and any mention of sedation... He also left out the part where I told him NOT to give me g/a OR sedatives. I even had suggestions as to what to do if the nerve block didn't work. Hint; none of them had to do with giving me sedation or g/a. This kind of subterfuge has to stop.)

Of course, like my CRNA, Mr. Sedula is an "independent contractor." This means that the hospitals et. al. can absolve themselves of all responsibility for the patients who entrust themselves to their care. This is how *MY* medical center passed the buck as well. Keep that in mind, this is an important fact to consider when you need medical care... The hospital is NOT responsible for rogue acts, illegal activities or medical malfeasance within their hospital. All due to the "independent contractor" status of the miscreants they allow to have patient access. According to reports, Wellstar, the health care provider in this case OF COURSE says that the CRNA Paul Sedula wasn't their employee. They are innocent! He was just an "independent contractor" that they allowed to have free access to their helpless patients!

In the alleged video tapes, other people are heard in the room. (I have not personally seen these tapes, and am not involved in any way with this investigation) Nobody noticed this man orally raping, molesting and/or sodomizing all these women and the girl? Or are there a lot of these types in the hospitals that think this is funny? After all the patient won't remember it anyway, so what's the harm? I hope the Cobb County Police track down each and every person who was heard or seen in the vicinity of the taping and arrest them all. They are ALL responsible for allowing this to happen under their noses. Somebody (or lots of somebodies), heard, saw or suspected something and there was a resounding white wall of silence from them.

One girl was 12 years old! 12 YEARS OLD! My daughter is 12 years old. After what happened to me, and reading this about what happened to this innocent child, what do I tell my daughter about medical care?


  1. You tell your daughter that there are bad people everywhere doing everything and to be vigilant. Luckily they are in the extreme minority of both Anesthesiologists and CRNAs.

  2. Yes M that would be fine except that with Versed there is no way to be vigilant. You can't even protect the contents of your memory from the prying of medical providers while under the influence. Even if you were aware as I was, there is nothing you can do. The coordination, anti conflict properties and the knocking out of the patients censorship of their thoughts is part and parcel of Versed. If you say that you remember they will say some very nasty things about you and argue that it didn't really happen! I had to cite very specific memories and quote the hateful humiliating things that my CRNA said to and about me before they sort of took me seriously! Conversely, they will say that you were lucid and that you GAVE THEM PERMISSION to do exactly what you told them not to prior to the sneak attack with Versed. They had nothing but contempt for me because I am "just a truck driver." My trust and respect for the medical community is shattered. Subsequent to my debacle my thoughts and impressions have been substantiated by the medical community themselves. The only thing I can think to do is INSIST that I be present. I can scrub and I have experience with my own surgeries while awake and my courses in pre-vet med. If that isn't possible then I will have my step father the Dr. stand in. He's in his eighties, but he is still in practice!

  3. A friend of mine sent me an e-mail with this in it... "Loved your suggestions for refusing Versed, but was wondering if the "red" ink copies well ? And can they make a copy right then to give to the patient instead of requesting later ? Also, someone else suggested that the patient also makes a note on the forms: "If any amount of Versed/midazolam is given at any time, the consent for treatment is immediately withdrawn." (In case they claim later it was a mistake, but they had to continue...)" Good suggestions!