Monday, January 31, 2011

BAD News!

I have written at length about the poison called Versed/Midazolam. I have exposed the lies about how "safe" it is. I have put paid to the idea that this drug is for the PATIENT'S benefit. I have called our alleged "superiors" out about their cavalier use of a drug which destroys patients brains, some times forever. I have asked these questions many times; "Why do medical people love Versed so much?" This has gone unanswered. "Why can't we refuse this little poison?" No answer. "What is it about this drug which causes such consternation among medical workers when it is criticized?" Deafening silence.

So I am left to determine the answers to these questions without benefit of any insight from medical drug pushers. First on the list is this fantasy about "patient compliance." This statement gives the impression that we patients must allow anything at all that the medical worker wants, without regard to patient rights laws and/or patient autonomy, side effects, long term damage from their drug of choice, we are to have no say in any of it. We are to SUBMIT! These people want "patient compliance" whether they have to force you into submission or not. With Versed, they can get that total control which they long for. If you object YOU are called a control freak!!! LOL WTH! That's the pot calling the kettle black! There should NEVER be an issue with "patient compliance." The law states that we don't have to do and allow everything or anything, that our medical people want! It's called patient autonomy and it's the law. What the Hell are these people talking about? Where is it written that we MUST comply? They will use chemical force and coercion to insure that they have this "compliance" at any cost to the patient. Which leads me to the next item...

The cost of patient "compliance" is enormous for the patient. These drugs and procedures aren't free! We have a crisis in health care costs right this minute in our country. This is the second reason (no particular order, just my free association folks) we are being FORCED to have Versed is a cost, borne by the patient and insurance companies, for this drug. Most of the cost being in "levels of care" from nursing and the CRNA attendance. All completely and totally unecessary for clearly half of the patients who get poisoned with Versed. I believe it is likely that far more patients would find that it is completely out of line to receive this little "therapy" if they were asked and if "informed consent" laws were followed. Versed is for the medical workers convenience, not for patient satisfaction. (there are laws about "convenience of the practitioner" as well) If it WAS for the patients we would be able to decline it without starting WW3 or getting it anyway, regardless of our refusals. Versed causes long term brain dysfunction and anxiety disorders in lots of people and THIS doesn't deter them from using Versed either.

My sister has had bad reactions to Versed each and every time it has been used. She wishes to avoid it in the future. I have already opined that *I* think that people with high IQ's are most at risk of complications from Versed. So this could be hereditary. She went in for rotator cuff surgery last Wednesday. She took my advice about how to avoid Versed and I am sorry to say, it didn't work.

Here's what all she did to try to avoid being poisoned by uncaring, lazy, pompous, idiotic, mentally ill, stupid, unskilled miserable excuses for human beings that pass for health care workers in today's world... She called everybody in advance. She informed them that under no circumstances was she to receive Versed. She wrote on her consent forms that they were not to use Versed. She wrote in red "NO VERSED" across the veins in her arms where they put the IV. She spoke with the nurses, the surgeon, the PA AND anesthesia about this in the hospital as well. There was NO CONFUSION! Clearly she was rejecting their drug of choice. She was going to have a general anyway, so the point of Versed is?????

Here's where things fell apart. They GRILLED HER ABOUT WHY SHE DIDN'T WANT VERSED! She should never have gotten involved in this discussion. It doesn't MATTER why she didn't want Versed. It's NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS why she won't allow its use! It's HER choice! It's HER choice! Not the health care workers choice. THAT'S THE LAW! Is this all about control freaks in positions of trust and authority wanting that "patient compliance" at any cost? Who the Hell do they think they are? Of course before hand when they AGREED TO DO THE SURGERY WITHOUT VERSED they didn't make a peep. No they waited until she was at their mercy with an IV running to start their argumentative and aggressive behavior. That's just SICK! These people are an affront to me. They disgust me, I think this is scummy behavior and totally out of line!

So guess what she got? That's right, after all of this, she got Versed anyway. "Just a little bit." She said that Versed wasn't to be used in any amount, for any reason. How does this get "interpreted" to mean "just a little bit?" What planet are these medical morons on? Why can these people not follow simple direction? How hard is it to understand what NO means? It's unbelievable. Shocking, dismaying, infuriating! All this talk about PATIENT compliance, when these people can't comply with one simple directive about one single drug! Never trust ANYBODY in the medical field. They are all pychotic about control issues as far as I can tell. The normal people are in the smallest minority in the health care field.

If you think that having a relative in the medical field will help you avoid the brain destroying drug Versed, think again! Our stepfather is a DOCTOR and my sister works in his office!!!!!!!!! She still was unable to prevent them from using a drug which she had clearly declined. I think she should SUE THEM LIKE SHE THREATENED TO DO IF THEY SHOT HER UP WITH VERSED!!! Apparently NOTHING can stop these arrogant sub-human pod people from doing whatever the hell they want. NOTHING! No law, no begging, no refusals, nothing. Rampant lawlessness pervades our hospitals and treatment centers and there is NOTHING we can do about it. You have to figure that if these creeps won't even WASH THEIR HANDS TO PREVENT INFECTION, they won't be amenable to refraining from injecting us with Versed. They follow no law. They do NOT care about patients or patient safety. They are the untouchables.

I will tell you this. I will physically assault ANYBODY who tries to inject me with Versed. I consider that injecting me with Versed, in violation of the law, and in violation of my wishes to be a personal attack. I will defend myself in any way possible. Versed lowers inhibitions, so I can't be held accountable for my actions once the medical felons shut off my self control. I was extremely violent in the PACU and possibly in the OR, so rest assured, the minute I feel that unnatural "patient compliance" coming on, or notice my speech is slurred, I will be on my feet and fighting. Fair warning. Health care workers can't FORCE me to comply with their selfish, unspeakably arrogant wishes by destroying my brain and will power with Versed ever again. I'm on to them....

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