Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

CRNA's are royally PISSED at me. They have come on MY blog and taken me to task, called me names and in general treated me like I'm an ignorant rube. You know what? I shouldn't have to be a Doctor or a nurse in order to be treated like a human being and have my wishes respected.

If it hadn't been for a CRNA suffering from some kind of megalomania, I would never have even known that CRNA's existed! How would I have ever known that a nurse did my anesthesia, in light of the fact that my CRNA was posing as a Dr.? If my CRNA hadn't taken it upon himself, without informing me that HIS plan was diametrically opposed to mine, to give me all those treatments and drugs which I had vigorously declined, I would still be ignorant about CRNA's! I only found out that CRNA's existed when I called the anesthesia group to complain about the "Dr." who handled my anesthesia! Whose fault is that? Mine or his? If he had followed the law, and told me the truth about anything, I would have left... We ALL would have been better off! (I would have found out about the existance of CRNA's the RIGHT way, the LAWFUL way, a way which wouldn't have alarmed and angered me, or made me "research" them.)

Do you think I appreciate having all the knowledge that I now have? NO I DON'T! I should have been allowed to live my life without knowing what an ASA1 designation is. I didn't want to have in depth knowledge about amygdalas, GABA uptake receptors, ganglia etc. I should never have known what Versed/Midazolam is, having clearly declined any drug like it! I never wanted to know that fricken NURSES were knocking people out, creating amnesia in them, turning them into zombies and causing ENORMOUS suffering and harm to millions of people. I DID NOT NEED THIS INFORMATION IN MY BRAIN! (what's left of it after the ministrations of an idiot.) I DON'T WANT TO BE A GOD DAMN DOCTOR! If I did I would have gone to medical school!!!!!!! I just wanted to be able to pay for respectful care within the parameters which I clearly defined! I should be able to trust that when I need medical help, such is available WITHOUT having to be a walking medical tome! I am angry that I have been forced to learn all this stuff. It doesn't enhance my life at all!

Medical people have opined that I should have "studied" drugs and treatments in advance of going to the hospital! Are you crazy? Why in the world should I have to do that? (the law states the medical people must REVEAL this information, it isn't up to the patient to know it all anyway.) Additionally, given that I declined sedatives, declined g/a, and am familiar with nerve blocks, what should I have researched? I had no idea that some arrogant nurse was going to do my anesthesia and impose his will upon me, so how would I have gone about researching this stuff? How would I have known about the apparent "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" that many CRNA's seem to suffer from, when I didn't even know that CRNA's existed and that one would be assigned to MY care? Tell me why I would need all this knowledge simply to get my arm fixed? It's absurd! So *I* should have trained myself in medical protocol in order to get decent treatment? I needed to be a damn LAWYER in order to insure that consent laws were followed? You guys are the "professionals" so why is it up to me? I hired expensive medical people to do a simple job, how was I to know that in order to FORCE them to do their job as defined by me, (and the law) I had to be both a Doctor AND a lawyer? Why do I have to pay medical people so much if they expect ME to have the same knowledge (and more) as they have?

Nobody can know everything in spite of what CRNA's think! I CHOSE to hire people who allegedly had the information and skills which I thought I needed at the time! Not to mention that even if I were a Dr. I couldn't do my own axillary block or anesthesia anyway. I employed "professional" people to "help" me and instead I got incompetent, uppity employees who felt that I was too stupid to make my own decisions. (and in light of the complications I really didn't need this kind of "help" anyway) This in spite of the fact that prior to the Versed I had an IQ in the top 1% of the nation! This in spite of the fact that the law says that *I* AM allowed to make those decisions for myself! Yes people in spite of the fact that I had no medical training at the time, by law, I am still allowed to make my own decisions! I have plenty of experience with what works and does not work ON ME! Those people didn't know me from Adam, and it behooved them to LISTEN to me and refrain from doing that which I declined. (it's the law) If Aaron (CRNA) had FOLLOWED MY PRECISE INSTRUCTIONS I wouldn't be here "ranting" and upsetting all these medical folks. THAT'S MY CRNA'S FAULT! How do they twist that into being MY failing?

For all you medical people who feel that I "should have known" anything at all about medical practices, why? How many of you trust the Police? Do you have knowledge of every law, traffic and otherwise that there is? Do you know what a misdemeanor is as opposed to a violation? I.E. when does a traffic violation turn into a misdemeanor or a felony? What about the degrees of a felony. What is "intent" as it pertains to the law? If you are not going to do bad things or become a Police Officer, why would you need to know this? All you really know about what police do is that they come when you call, they stop people for disobeying traffic laws and they catch the bad guys. UNLESS YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT! You don't need to have all that info in your head in order to drive your car do you? You trust that most people follow the law don't you? We all trust that police and other enforcement officers KNOW the law and follow it themselves! Should you research all the laws AND research the officers in your area before you leave the house or before you allow them to help you with a crime against you? Then why would I expect medical people to break the very laws which pertain to them and to have to have all the knowledge that they have (and then some) in order for them to help me?

How about your mechanic? Do you trust him/her? They do a better job of following the law than medical practitioners do and they are more honest. Do you know how a diesel engine creates spark? They don't have spark plugs, so how do the have ignition? Did you even know that you must have ignition to run your personal conveyance? What are the 3 things that any internal combustion engine needs to run? How do you adjust these things? Do you know about fuel injection vs carburetion? What about pop up pistons, what do they do? What is a brake rotor, what's its function, as opposed to drum brakes? What is "top dead center" referring to? What's a cam lobe? What's dwell? What causes your transmission to slip? What are coppers? What happens when they go out? YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW THIS BECAUSE YOU CAN HIRE SOMEBODY YOU CAN TRUST TO KNOW THIS FOR YOU! You can take your car to your dealership or favorite mechanic and KNOW that they will fix what's wrong! You will have an estimate of what it will cost, your old parts back, and THEY WILL NOT DO ONE SINGLE THING THAT YOU DIDN'T GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO DO!

Can you see how annoying the attitude of highly paid medical personnel is? Nobody else gets their rate of pay AND STILL expects the general public to know as much as they do. (Unless you want substandard care that is.) What other "professional" feels that their clients should have absolutely NO SAY in what they do and then be able to charge the client exorbitant prices for it? I should NEVER, EVER have been treated in such a way by medical people as to FORCE me to acquire this much knowledge about a field which I had no interest in. But now that I have, medical practitioners have only THEMSELVES to blame. I was an innocent (gullible?) patient, fully trusting in my medical team. Now I am probably more "informed" than any CRNA because I know not only what they know about their drugs, in particular Versed/Midazolam, but I am well on the way to UNDERSTANDING brain function and how these poisons work to destroy that brain function! I have not bothered with specifics of dosages YET but I am better prepared to face off with medical miscreants than these people would ever want to believe (part of the whole Narcissistic Personality Disorder thing, which I also wish I didn't know about) and I am NOT HAPPY about it! I also know more about THE LAW as it pertains to medical treatment than (most?) lawyers do, and certainly more than the medical people that the laws pertain to! I was forced to learn these thing in order to protect myself!

I wish I had been allowed to stay in a state of ignorant bliss about medical care in today's world. I wish I had never heard of Versed or CRNA's! Looking back, ignorance truly was bliss. I had such faith in medicine and the people who practice it... I had such faith in the laws in place to prevent the very things that happened to me. I wish I was still living in ignorant bliss about the exact details of every single consent law there is, and how they are routinely circumvented by medical treatment centers... I will never be the same, now that I have been enlightened.

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