Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recent Comment About Vigilance; True!

"M" commented on my post "So many, it's impossible." This person's comment is worth further discussion. There was an "M" that I believe is a CRNA who used to comment on my blog in a very haughty and condescending manner. This "M" may be a completely different one, but I hope it's the same person. They seem to have had a change of heart, IF this is the same person. (If this is the same "M" the CRNA and you would like to have a guest spot on here to explain your profession and the whole Versed problem in a nice way please e-mail me) Here's the newest "M" comment also available in the comments section of the "so many it's impossible" post.

"You tell your daughter that there are bad people everywhere doing everything and to be vigilant. Luckily they are in the extreme minority of both Anesthesiologists and CRNAs." (3Jan11)

In the interest of fairness, I have to believe what "M" says is true. I believe that the people who use Versed in a medical setting to further their careers as sexual predators is a small minority. However this completely negates the fact that Versed is being over used and used in situations where it is CLEARLY not in the best interests of the PATIENT. Versed is being used by almost every single CRNA, nearly all of the time. You can see this if you look through the nurse-anesthesia web site and the allnurses web site. You can also see the disdain for patients as they personally attack me and Tim from versedbusters because we hated this med., weren't told of it's effects and had a severe and long lasting PTSD reaction along with permanent cognitive function decline.

Otherwise, vigilance is exactly what I am advocating for patients. It is in the best interest of MOST patients not to have Versed. It's hard to be vigilant when you have amnesia and are compliant because of Versed. We patients MUST take charge of our medical care. Question everything and decline what we don't want. This is OUR duty as patients. Our power has been usurped and co opted by arrogant medical personnel. Take back the power! Use the law to YOUR advantage, do not allow them hide behind it. It is our RIGHT to have everything explained, right down to Versed, amnesia and compliance. It's THEIR job to reveal ALL to us as patients, not our job to extract information! Don't let them get away with non compliance with the law!

Versed is an AMNESIA drug, that's its purpose. It is not used to make the patient comfortable OR to combat anxiety. There are other drugs which are better suited for this! Versed is also given so that medical people can have a "cooperative" patient. This also has nothing to do with patient needs. It has to do with the ease with which medical people can perform their job (or not) With Versed there is no interaction with patients. No explanations are necessary. You will obey their every command without question. They can claim that you "consented" to things while under the influence. How would you know whether you did or not? Luckily *I* REMEMBER what went on while I was supposedly amnestic. If I had gotten the amnesia that they strove for by overdosing me with Versed, I wouldn't have a leg to stand on would I?

Vigilance should also be used on the so-called "consent" forms. Read them thoroughly. You may be absolutely SHOCKED at the fine print. I snagged a post from anesthesiolboists blog in which the "anesthesia consent" contained permission to do blood work and other things. No way should that be slipped into the "anesthesia" consent. Like my "blood transfusion" document containing a blanket consent for anything the Dr. found desirable. No, each consent should contain an item of consent, not be used as a trick to get the patient to sign for anything at all.

My final comment on the "vigilance" post from "M" is this... Whether or not what happened to me was intentionally sexual or not, I was assaulted. My crotch was exposed and breached in the OR without my knowledge or consent. My urethra, bladder, vagina and kidneys were subjected to unnecessary risk of perforation and/or infection as a direct result of Versed. Without Versed these people would never have been allowed the opportunity to egregiously flout my lack of consent for all of this... I got a KIDNEY infection and bladder infection as a result of a minor wrist surgery wherein Versed was used for compliance and g/a was used in defiance of my wishes. (according to subsequent blood work I do have some loss of kidney function after this hospital acquired infection...) I thought I WAS being vigilant! Too bad for me and many others that the consent was bypassed by the use of Versed. Which drug I would never have consented to either! The old adage "You can't be too careful" is appropriate here. Thanks "M"

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