Friday, March 1, 2013

Another E-mail About Death By Medical Care

A friend of mine sent me the following e-mail.  Her mother was (allegedly) killed by medical care at the same place I went.  She herself also suffered life-threatening medical problems CAUSED by improperly performed surgery.  Anyway, this is the same medical field that feels that we patients are just determined to file "frivolous" lawsuits.  Unfortunately for all of us patients, some medical workers are taking a "frivolous" attitude towards our care.  Why should they care if you live or die?  There is no downside.  I am NOT talking about those in the health care field who actually do good work.  There are plenty of those, the problem being the shroud of secrecy surrounding "iatrogenic" (iatrogenic - definition of iatrogenic in the Medical dictionary - by the Free Online Medical Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. ) deaths and adverse effects, coupled with ZERO enforcement of the law and ZERO capacity to file a lawsuit.  How long do we have to put up with this? 

Remember the old saying that "one bad apple spoils the whole bushel"?  There is no way for those who wish to do their jobs well to report those who don't.  Those that take a very lighthearted view of their patients care are pulling the good ones right down with them.

Learn more:
(NaturalNews) From the late 1990s to now, more and more statistical evidence regarding death and injury from medical interventions, known as iatrogenic deaths and injuries, have been exposed.

The rate of iatrogenic deaths is quite high, higher than traffic fatalities, heart attacks, and cancer deaths. And there are even more iatrogenic episodes that result in permanent disability or lifelong pain.

Unlike the UK, doctors, clinics, and hospitals in the U.S. Are not required to report adverse events. It's estimated that no more than five percent of adverse events do get reported. So it takes a lot of digging to tally up the statistics of iatrogenic episodes.

Unnecessary surgeries, such as removing non-cancerous thyroid nodes, preventative mastectomies, or Cesarian deliveries, and surgical errors are often responsible for iatrogenic diseases and deaths.

An error by one individual in a surgical team leads to a disaster of performing surgery on the wrong lung, leg, or arm. But surgical sloppiness is only a portion of the bigger picture.

Big Pharma's dangerous drug invasion

A conservative tally of over 100,000 deaths per year is attributed to correctly prescribed drugs. Non-lethal adverse reactions are estimated to triple that number.
This does not include technically legal off-label prescriptions, drugs approved for one symptom but used for another, or incorrectly prescribed drugs. And it doesn't include adverse events from over the counter (OTC) drugs that anyone can walk in and buy. Between 30,000 and 50,000 emergency room visits annually are from those "medications."

With drugs that are correctly prescribed and approved by the FDA, doctors are protected by standard of care guidelines established by the various medical and psychiatric boards and institutions and accepted as what all MDs should be doing.

No matter how many suffer lifelong agony, go crazy, or drop dead, there is no liability or accountability if interventions and prescriptions are within a standard of care guidelines.

Those doctors just keep on prescribing. And it usually takes years before any drug stacks up enough destruction and death before it's taken off the market or merely labeled with warnings that are rarely fully disclosed to patients.

The FDA and Big Pharma have a financially symbiotic relationship. The FDA receives a half-billion dollars or more annually in user fees from Big Pharma companies that were initiated to speed up pharmaceutical approval processes.

Then there are those revolving doors that permit pharmaceutical industry people to sit in on the FDA's approval committees. Here's Mike Adam's 2005 interview of Dr. Ray Strand, author of Death by Prescription. (

All factors included, the total U.S. Iatrogenic death toll is staggering. Over three-quarter million victims a year.

Apparently vaccines are not included in deaths by prescription drugs

With most pharmaceutical medicines, the prospect of financial liability exists from individual and class action lawsuits, or even government fines. After the swine flu vaccination debacle of 1976, a government vaccine court was established to provide a buffer for vaccine manufacturers.(
A recent study from VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system), which is a voluntary system that receives reports from only a small percentage of actual events has high enough numbers for significant additions to iatrogenic deaths. (

A common vaccine injury denial activity is to accuse parents of recently vaccinated infants who suddenly died of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) or dismiss it as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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