Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Obamacare = $10,000 Per Illegal Alien

Not only do we have an out of control health care system, aided and abetted by Obama's "[un]Affordable Care Act" (actually a medical bailout) now we get to pay $10,000 per year for each illegal alien's health care.  Did you know that?  Our congressman told us all about it at his townhall meeting a couple of months ago.

Nobody has said or done anything about "bending the cost curve down" as promised.  No, oh HELL no, we are just going to shift the burden of health care onto taxpayers, via exhorbitant new taxes, whether we can afford it or not!  So now, when we working class stiffs are up at night worrying about the $20,000 dollars per year that the IRS says we should pay for health care, we get to fume over the fact that ILLEGAL ALIENS who are breaking the law by invading our country, tax evasion, identity theft,etc. all felonies by the way, we get to offer them 'free' health care which only costs US $10,000 EACH per year!  Do the math.  The government says that there are 12 MILLION illegal aliens here, probably more like 50 million if you factor in the way our government computes things!  I think there are 12 million in Los Angeles county alone...  What's not to like? 

These aliens come in with all kinds of diseases, like the drug resistant tuberculosis, chagas disease, AIDS, typhoid, and on and on it goes.  They spread it to us as well, so now everybody gets to have an expensive contagious illness.  Only problem is that only illegal aliens can afford to have these diseases thanks to our elected officials deciding that we get to pay for THEM to have healthcare that WE can't afford for ourselves.


There has been zero legislation so far to rein in the excesses of our current health care delivery system.  Not one single jot or tittle.  Nothing about this absurd 'sedation for all' mentality, nothing about any QUALITY ASSURANCE to make sure that we aren't being killed, maimed or harmed by medical care.  There is nothing about any 'mediation' processes whereby we patients can have some recourse when medical care harms us.  Oh they want tort reform to leave us all helpless, but nothing to actually HELP with this crisis.  There is nothing about the 'chargemaster' rip off scheme being dismantled.  Nothing in there to cut back on the number of highly paid [so-called] professionals that are involved in patient care needlessly.  The FDA is still fully funded by a corrupt big pharma industry.  

The "Affordable Care Act" is one gigantic devastating boondoggle which will PREVENT anybody who actually works for a living from having health care.  If you are middle class you are screwed.  Poor people and illegal aliens will be leeching off of you, they get 'free' health care from YOU!  The rich people have no problem paying for health care insurance of $20,000 a year like the IRS says.  Just wait for the next wave of insurance premium hikes.  Can't afford $20,000 now?  You are going to have sticker shock when they start implementing this legislation.   That is unless you are an illegal alien or one of the 'poor' folks.

If you have a job, get ready for it to be part time.  Employers are eager to double their employee roster by dividing one full time job into two part time jobs.  That way they can avoid the Affordable Care Act mandates.  Kills two birds with one stone doesn't it?  The unemployment rate will go down and the employer gets to stash whatever money they would have spent taking care of their full time employees.  Don't ever believe that the Democrats aren't in the pockets of big business. 

Why we couldn't have legislation that actually looked at why our health care is so expensive and instituted common sense reforms is beyond me.  I guess they must be smarter than I am.  Instead they bailed out the medical field and big business.  Instead they encouraged more illegal immigration by offering free health care along with the rest of the basket of goodies, paid for by the working class of this country.  More job security for the medical field by allowing illegal aliens in without health checks.  More expense thrown up on the load that we are already carrying. 

$10,000 DOLLARS PER YEAR, EACH, FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS TO COME HERE AND SPREAD THEIR DISEASE.  THAT'S THE START, IT WILL GO UP FROM THERE.  YOU AND I WILL PAY FOR THIS, FOR PEOPLE WHO SHOULDN'T BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Where are the news reports on this?  We have Pravda US as a news system in this country.  My own congressman says that if this $10,000 per year, each, illegal alien benefit were reported the people would be up in arms.  And that, boys and girls, is why this is a secret from us.

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