Saturday, February 16, 2013

Radio Show!

There is a radio show on every Thursday from 3pm to 4pm PST. It's run by a woman named Deirdre Gilbert and her mother. Deirdre has her own horrifying story of medical malfeasance and so do her guests. Let's support these women and get together to find some ways of getting the medical community back under OUR (patients) control. These medical people have had their own way for FAR too long and it time to show them who is boss. Here is the phone number for Deirdre and "Life Radio" (646) 652-2105 Press 2 just to listen and press 1 at any time to speak. Deirdre lost her precious daughter to a medical malpractice incident two years ago, so please, all you crazy health care people who have written such nasty horrible things to me, have a little compassion for the lady and don't call the show to display your heartlessness. I already know that a significant number of you suffer from narcissistic personality disorder, try to keep it to yourselves...

We need to do a number of things, but first on my list is ENFORCE INFORMED CONSENT LAWS. Anybody who knows me, knows that I feel that 'informed' consent with some teeth in the enforcement area is absolutely crucial to getting medical costs under control and saving us from medical over treatment and treatment which we know is detrimental to our health. Just think of all the money that can be saved if we can tell our doctors NO and have them comply with our wishes. That's the true meaning of 'informed' consent! This document has been bastardized by health care workers and morphed into a meaningless UNinformed consent. Actually nothing more than a vague, blanket "hold-harmless" agreement. Something to get the patient (or bystander for that matter) to sign by any means or subterfuge necessary. This must stop.

We absolutely have to do away with tort reform. Tort reform removes the last vestiges of control from our medical workers. They KNOW that they don't have to follow the law, or even be careful with their charges. There is no ENFORCEMENT of the law in any way shape or form, the only thing left to those of us who have been victimized by sloppy 'care' has been a lawsuit. These medical people wish to take that away.

Don't be fooled by all the hand wringing, moaning and crying about tort reform saving money and all that lying hoopla. Go look at states with tort reform. Notice any reduction in the cost of care? Any cheaper insurance? No? Because it's a lie. Your health care is going to go UP because you can't make these medical workers perform their job within the parameters you lay out! They are out to make the most money possible and if you can't sue them, what's to stop them? Nothing! They laugh and sneer at us for trying to take control of our medical costs. "What are ya gonna do about it, huh?" They already know, especially in the tort reform states that they can do anything up to and including MURDER without any reprisal. It's sickening. Leave it to some of the most under worked overpaid people among us to cry and whine about malpractice insurance costs.

The third thing on my list is DRUG TESTING! For far too long these medical workers, without any significant oversight have been able to get away with being impaired. Due to the above LACK OF ENFORCEMENT for informed consent LAWS and the tort reform keeping them safe from any lawsuits, they have also been able to get away with drug addiction. That's right, mentally impaired medical workers get to work on YOU without any problem whatsoever. Hospital administrators, eyeing only profit are turning a blind eye. Where I went the hospital CEO actually had the gall to state that the hospital "has no fiduciary duty to the patient." So druggies with unfettered access to 'the good stuff' for FREE along with sterile needles etc. are allowed to work on us. You like that?

Maybe these hospital administrators should also have some responsibility to us, the people who trust them with our lives, instead of simply the share holders? Keep in mind that in many cases the DOCTORS are the shareholders! What a conflict of interest.

Medical workers have had their way for far to long and they are bankrupting our entire country while performing shoddy work and in some cases KILLING people. (look at some of my other posts for statistics) We need common sense answers to this that cater to the patients instead of the rich medical lobbyists

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