Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Versed Victim...A Doctor!

I found this post at the end of this thread;  Midazolam Sedation Is Not ALWAYS Safe - Forum Thread Page 4  Please note the date of 04 Mar 2013.  I and others have been complaining for YEARS about Versed, what it did to us and the lack of effective oversight pertaining to its use and misuse.  I'm absolutely baffled as to why anybody would allow its use!  Why would people ASSUME that those of us who have a severe and long lasting reaction to this particular brain poison are all 'tin-foil-hat' people?  I'm perplexed about the unholy zeal to use this nasty drug! 

Versed/midazolm Is Often A Nightmare For Patients

posted by Jenn on 04 Mar 2013 at 7:58 pm

Please take my comments with a grain of saly; initially I thought that anyone who complained about their experience with Versed/midazolam was a crackpot/tinfoil hatperson. My opinion has changed; Versed/midazolam harms MANY patients. I'm just a patient/mom/wife 47 years old who just had a procedure (colonoscopy-egd) and I was told that the "sedation" would be a comfortable experience with no risk because of the Versed that was administered. Wrong! The Versed caused me severe anxiets, panic reactions and forced me to lie imobile in agony without being able to communicate. It was a nightmare. I'm a physcian and I would not recommend this drug to anyone. My procedure was aborted due to my severe reaction to Versed and I have been bothered by PTSD-like symptoms after receiving Versed. My GI team was totally upset by my horrible experience with Versed (the nurse who tried to administer additional Versed to stop my complaining about pain) ended up getting punched before the procedure was aborted. I never hit anyone before, but the Versed scrambled my memory of this..all I remember is:pain, panic and dysphoria. Does any patient deserve Versed? nope. The GI doc is my friend and she nearly had a stroke when I told her that I would rather risk colon cancer that consent to "sedation" with Versed..it's not sedation, it's a chemical straightjacket and amnestic (until you get home) control drug. they use of amnesia drugs such as Versed makes me sick

Of note is the fact that the nurse tried to inject yet more Versed because the patient was complaining about pain.  The nurse wanted to shut the patient up with more sedation instead of addressing the patients pain.  Isn't that nice of her?  I have another article here on nomidazolam which explains that Versed is an ANTI-analgesic.  Versed actually causes people to experience MORE PAIN!  It defies logic to hear that medical people, those loving, caring individuals WANT their patient to experience more pain, but they want them to shut the hell up and endure it as well, so they go for yet more of their torture drug Versed.  They can't be bothered with pain medication.  What is up with that?

PS You go girl!  I'm always happy to hear that there were consequences to medical people indulging in some illegal drug pushing.  If more of us became violent when we were violated with Versed injections maybe it would begin to rein in the arrogant excesses and actual harm that our medical workers are indulging in vis a vis Versed/Midazolam!  Here's to hoping that little nursey poo will think twice before trying to  'sedate' somebody into immobility instead of doing their primary job of relieving suffering.  Maybe she'll grab the Fentanyl next time!  One can hope.

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