Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ever Heard About The "Chargemaster"?

I had never heard about a "chargemaster"!  The "chargemaster" is the internal billing scheme used by hospitals and medical treatment facilities to fleece the public out of billions of dollars.  You really need to watch the video contained in this piece!  The article in it's entirety is worth reading, the contents will shock you...  No wonder 60% of all bankruptcies are from medical care.  And it's all UNNECESSARY!  Hospitals are raking it in, making massive profits at our expense.  It surely isn't because of the stellar care that we are [not] receiving.   Iatrogenic medical deaths are the number 1 leading cause of death in this country regardless of the outrageous and unsustainable costs associated with medical care.

The Absurd Costs of American Health Care 

Also worth watching is this video, linked obscurely on the site:Suzanne Somers Throws Knockout for Cancer - YouTube#at=520#! 

Of particular note for me was Suzanne's take on mammograms which follows exactly what I have been saying on this blog.  She also takes on the ubiquitous and misnamed "Standard of Care" which many places point to as their wonderful blueprint of patient care, which is actually a bogus claim.  The only "standard of care" that I see is the standard of caring for medical workers and medical centers, the patients be damned.

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