Sunday, October 7, 2012

Medicare Billing FRAUD Being Prosecuted

All you anesthesia nurses who are bragging all over the internet about how you 'suffer' no supervision and that the LAW about supervision is just a medicare billing ploy WATCH OUT!  Here's an article about medicare fraud...  $430 Million False Billing Medicare Fraud, 91 People Charged  Apparently one of the things that the government is going to spend the 'Affordable Care Act' monies on is an aggressive ENFORCEMENT policy.  I hope that somebody who reads my blog immediately runs to their supervisor and they start investigating this egregious breach of the law by anesthesia nurses! 

There are so many other laws that are routinely dismissed by arrogant medical people and their treatment centers that the FRAUD branch should be making a lot of money to help us patients defray the extreme COST of this so-called 'Affordable Care Act.'  I knew if I looked hard enough that there would be a few things I liked about this HORRIBLE piece of legislation forced on our population!  The ENFORCEMENT areas where our out-of-control medical people get caught with their hand in the taxpayers wallet may just work out well, at least until medical lobbyists get their way!  Go FBI, go Eric Holder, go HHS, go CMS!  We patients and we taxpayers (I belong to both groups) are sick and tired of being taken advantage of by the lawless medical community.  (You know who you are and I hope your time is running out!)

We don't want your expensive and disastrous sedation.  We don't like it, it harmed us and we don't want it used on us or any of our loved ones.  We don't want to pay the enormous charges involved in its use.  We don't want you people lying about it, and we don't want nurses working on us with Versed especially without the supervision required by law.  We are tired of the "informed consent' laws being violated with impunity.  We are tired of the "informed consent" being used as a hold harmless agreement.  We want ENFORCEMENT of all the laws pertaining to medical care.  ALL OF THEM!

In the future I would like to see every single complaint to all boards and medical facilities turned over to the FBI to be used in any investigation they may have in the future.  It needs to be set up like the CSA rules that we truck drivers have to put up with.  If this kind of law is good to use on commercial vehicles and their drivers, this template is good enough to use on medical treatment centers, hospitals and medical personnel.  Legislation set up like they did for us would go far to rein in excessive costs and would contribute to the safety of ALL people. 

For a quick peek, look here:  Registration & Licensing - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration  You can see the LAWS as it pertains to trucks.  You can look up any motor carrier by the number on the door of the cab.  You can see how many of their drivers are in violation, how many times the trucks  are inspected, the results of the inspections etc.  I HATE these new regulations, as we are already held to a higher standard and more supervision than medical workers.  I want to share the pain with medical entities.  Just imagine if we could look at something like this page in regards to hospitals and the like!  We could see the laws that pertain to medical care, results of any treatment center inspections, the laws that are broken, etc.  Something on this order would be good for our safety as patients.  I am urging my legislators to do something like this to the medical community.  If you agree, call all your elected officials and tell them in the interest of safety and savings, they need to do this.  We could call it the MCSSA (Medical Care Safety and Savings Act)


  1. Hi. I like your blog and I like your message. God bless you. I was led to you by a post made on Facebook's ProPublica page, which you ought to become a member so you can share all your posts with us. You can increase your views and get more exposure for your thoughts, which are generous and should be read.
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  2. Thank you so much Cynthia! I love hearing from the people who like what I have to say. It balances the creepy nurses who come here to denigrate me!