Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is SUPPOSED to be an informed consent!

Here is yet another example of a so-called "informed" consent. 

I pulled this from this site:  Hysterectomy Information - Mercy Hospital's Medical Documents

 Here is a direct link to the document;

Even though it CLAIMS to be an informed consent, it isn't.  The law has some (cough) 'suggestions' about what MUST APPEAR in this document.  At least this particular document CLAIMS to be the 'informed consent' in bold letters at the top.  If the patient KNEW what was supposed to be contained in an informed consent, they would at least realize what this document was purporting to be...and be alarmed!  If you have perused mine, you will find that MY alleged 'informed consent' had that little tidbit of information in the bottom right corner in small type face.  Anyway, THIS so-called informed consent has the same vague gobbledygook (sp?) that mine had.  This item in NO WAY contains all the information required by law.  This INFORMED consent is actually nothing but a vague carte blanche and hold harmless agreement, just like mine was.  This consent is ILLEGAL!  It isn't a real consent at all.  How do these people get away with this kind of subversion of the law?

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