Sunday, October 7, 2012

Arm Surgery Goes Wrong...

I have complained vigorously about my arm surgery which was an ORIF distal radius implant.  I complained about the Versed, the general anesthesia, the NURSE anesthetist, the lack of informed consent, to include the previous and some little items like NUMBNESS, additional surgeries, tendon damage, screws sticking out all over the place, right down to who the Hell performed the surgery.

Imagine my surprise (do you believe me?) when I found this link;   The surgeon said he could fix the injured arm. He had an odd definition of ‘fix.’ - The Washington Post  This person works in construction, was close to my age at time of surgery and has had nothing but trouble with HIS arm surgery.  Amazing.  He also complains about the lack of informed consent and the RUNAROUND he got trying to extract information from his doctor.  It's not just me, people.  This kind of thing is RAMPANT in our health care today. 

Here's where I found a link to the story:  Safe Patient Project (CUsafepatient) on Twitter  If you tweet and twitter, you should go over there and look through all the stuff.  I'll bet that you will find others complaining about the exact same thing YOU are!

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