Monday, April 6, 2009

Dentists and Versed

Dentists are using this drug for their "sedation" dentistry. Unfortunately they are using the same devious behavior seen in our hospital personnel to get this drug into the patient. Even small children, or maybe because they are small children, are getting Versed unknown to their parents.

I got a call today from one of my friends whose wife is a nurse at a geriatrics hospice. His wife states that each time one of her old folks goes for an operation that features Versed, "a little less of them comes back." She will NOT allow Versed to be used on any of her family. She states that it is a very bad drug.

They took their small boy to the dentist where he was given a little cup of something to "get him to relax." It didn't occur to either of them that the dentist would give Versed without telling his parents, that the Versed was sneaked into an oral solution, etc. I think a red flag should have gone up the instant they heard the word "relax." I am so suspicious over every little thing now, that I would have been very alarmed.

Anyway, they get the bill and notice a charge for $85. It was coded and so they called the dentist office to find out what the code meant. It was the code for Versed. The very drug that my friend's wife never allows to be used on them!!! Dentists are also getting in on the money to be made on Versed. They are behaving in the same sneaky way that CRNA's etc. are.

BEWARE OF YOUR DENTIST. Ask specifically what the drug or mouthwash is. Better yet do what I did and call the dental office and ask if they use Versed. If they do, find another dentist who doesn't. Remember that I was stealthily injected with Versed against my will. I don't believe for one minute that a dentist won't take similar advantage with their oral Versed. A little gargle or mouth wash with this drug might be capable of rendering you helpless and possibly with amnesia.

Dentists are also responsible for several patient rapes after injecting them with their "sedation" drug. You really can't be too careful. I know this sounds like I am off my rocker, but if you have never had an experience like mine you cannot imagine the fear and loathing I have for people who would administer a drug like this, that causes such severe side effects without a warning or a permission at any time.

By the way here is a youtube video showing how unhappy this young patient is with his being drugged into oblivion. His Dad is trying to convince him that he "feels good." Is this how YOU want to be treated? Is this how you want your child to be treated? Do YOU want to be acting like this for the entertainment of the staff? YouTube - David After Dentist


  1. Wow, $85 for that little cup of oral Versed?! That's ridiculous! I've seen David After Dentist. It was obvious the little guy was not happy about the way he was feeling; he was confused and frustrated. The kid was seven, he was old enough to cooperate with his caregivers and he probably would have done fine with nitrous oxide to help him through the procedure. It's just not right to mess with people's (especially little people's) minds like that. I wonder if the kid remembered any of his experience.

    Nitrous oxide is used in some places for procedural sedation for pediatrics. It is very safe and its effects wear off in just a few minutes.

  2. I myself have had Nitrous oxide and I agree that it is a pretty good drug, for me anyway. I would not hesitate to allow my kid to have Nitrous....

  3. My only child, 17 year old daughter Jenny Olenick, died in April from complications after having one wisdom tooth extracted. Versed was was of the several drugs given. She went into cardiac arrest and the oral surgeon never even got to remove the other 3 teeth. She was in a coma in the Ped ICU at Hopkins for 9 days, then eventually stopped all breathing. Thank you for this blog. Maybe it will save another child's life.