Sunday, April 5, 2009

Angies List, ratemds, ripoffreport

If you are the victim of an out of control Doctor, nurse, hospital, clinic etc. here's another way to get the word out! Write what happened to you and rate the Doctor etc on or Just follow their prompts.

These places are getting so much use in the information age that the Doctors are wanting their patients to sign a non disclosure form in their office to prevent us unfortunate patients from warning others. Also posted are good reports.

I am absolutely positive that Doctors themselves are using these same lists to post glowing reports on THEMSELVES due to the anonymous nature of some of the posts.

Remember to tell only the truth without embellishment. Warn others on what to look for and what happened to you.

Don't sign a non disclosure form. So far it isn't widely used, but I can see a day that these Doctors are going to completely muzzle the poor patient and prevent the Doctors' bad acts from becoming known. The AMA is impotent in regards to preventing rogue Doctors from practicing. There is NOBODY looking out for US, so we need every little thing we can use to gain some power over our own bodies and well being

Also interesting is an online complaint site called The cool part about this site is that it comes up FIRST when you type in a name to search for. I don't know how they do it but it's very effective. File your report here as well detailing how you were ripped off by the medical field. They can put in a rebuttal and then you can rebut that.

Depending on the response from the party you are complaining about, they very often prove the complaint by their attitude. Pretty good, if you can handle it. Many people are very fragile after their Versed experience so for them I would not suggest this.

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