Sunday, April 5, 2009

Complain to the FBI

The FBI is interested in health care fraud! If you have received "unnecessary" treatment you have a right to complain. There is a local office in your area that will probably have a person on staff that handles this kind of thing.

This is why it is so important to know who these people are that are in the room with you. You will need to give this information to the FBI so that they can investigate. Health care costs are in the spotlight right now and we patients don't have to just shut up and take it.

Versed "conscious sedation" comes under the heading of unnecessary treatment most of the time. I will grant that there are some people who are temperamentally incapable of handling unpleasant necessities, but most of us are perfectly fine without Versed "therapy."

Most of us who have had Versed have had some amount of deceit and or force used to inject us with this drug. It adds enormously to the cost of any procedure along with making the medical professionals job easier. This unnecessary, unwarranted, unpleasant, unwelcome drug is used to fraudulently add to the hospital or medical clinic bill. This needs to stop and the FBI is here to help.

At the very least these people will be a little more careful in the future if the FBI comes snooping around demanding to see the hospital records.

The FBI is also trained to see right through the subterfuge that the hospital uses to obfuscate. If there is no informed consent detailing the "conscious sedation" then they violated patient law for monetary gain. This is against the law.

Believe me my hospital went to great lengths to conceal the fact that they did not have my consent. They wrote that "pt. is irate because she had to have a general anesthetic that she had hoped to avoid." NO, patient was irate because the patient categorically declined general anesthetic and was injected with Versed in order to gain compliance. See how that works?

Here's another one. "She did not object when I went to give her general anesthetic." This is from the CRNA. What he forgot to document is that I was HEAVILY SEDATED also against my direct orders when he gave me the general anesthetic. I couldn't object any more. Also note that he didn't refer to the INFORMED CONSENT where I gave permission for this! There wasn't any, but this didn't deter him.

Want more? The response states that "the patient was informed that general anesthetic may be necessary." What's left out? What's left out is the fact that I declined this when it was mentioned over and over and over. He says absolutely nothing about my response to this "need" for general anesthetic. How convenient.

The FBI can see through this kind of double speak. Call them.

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