Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You need to know that you are not alone. is THE premier place for you to tell all about your experience. The people there are kind and very supportive and protective. I encourage everybody to go over there and blog your experience. is also a very good place to go and set down your displeasure with your treatment at the hands of the sadists who are masquerading as healers.

If you are feeling brave, go take a look at Look at how many of them feel that we patients are stupid jerks and that it doesn't matter how YOU THE PATIENT feel about this horrid drug Versed. They like it and one CRNA brags that he gets "heavy handed" with Versed. WARNING; IF YOU ARE STILL FEELING SENSITIVE DO NOT GO OVER TO THIS SITE!!!! Several of these people appear to have a personality disorder along the lines of "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" and are very nasty. A lot of Versed sufferers can't handle this kind of aggressive hatefulness, as we have already dealt with this attitude "up close and personal." This site is not for the faint of heart.

Another one, again if you are not too fragile, is Here again you will see the sneering disregard of the patient. The attitude is one of "if you don't like it then there is something WRONG WITH YOU! There are some really great nurses who "GET" the problem, but most think you are too stupid, ignorant and uneducated to take seriously. It is an excellent educational tool however. If you are wondering "How could they DO this to me?" This will enlighten you. It's good to know and will also help when we get to our legislators.

It may help you to see how some Versed sufferers have taken on these nasty health care people. It makes you feel like maybe we can do something about this attitude! Keep that in mind if you feel homicidal (a side effect of Versed) or suicidally depressed (a very common side effect of Versed) after reading through the posts.

Versed is an extremely bad drug and is responsible for a lot of anguish. The reason it is still used is for MONEY, OBEDIENCE and AMNESIA. You are easy to handle, will obey their every command, don't remember the abuse AND there's that extra MONEY! This is going to be a hard fight to get this poison shelved except in few cases so get ready.

Your mental health is subjective, health care providers LOVE this drug and they are denying that it could cause the symptoms we describe. As you read the posts on and you will see a commonality in our experiences that goes beyond the boundaries of "chance." It isn't coincidence that we all have the same symptoms. This is an idiosyncratic reaction to a very bad drug. You are not alone.

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