Monday, February 9, 2009

Systemic Patient Abuse with Versed/Midazolam

I decided to create this blog so that people who have had experience with the drug Midazolam and who have been unpleasantly surprised, brushed off and treated with disdain can have a place to learn what you can do to start getting control of your own health care. This drug should never be a surprise for anyone.
This is the place to come if you want to find out who to contact, what to say, and how to file complaints with medical boards, nursing boards, the Joint Commission and the FDA. Filing complaints with the hospital, the careless surgeon, the arrogant anesthesia provider's boss, all of these things must happen if we are ever to have compliance with the law in regards to medical providers! YOU can make a difference!
It takes perseverance, thick skin and determination. Fortunately for many of us Midazolam aka Versed causes some kind of obsession with this drug and its use. Here you can find many ways to while away those sleepless nights when you are awake and upset over the injection of this drug.
I encourage nasty comments from medical people as well. I will never delete anybodies venom filled retorts. I want to say this upfront because some people who have been harmed by Versed/Midazolam are so demoralized by their experience that they can't deal with it. If you are one of those please stop now and come back when you are mad as hell and not going to take it any more!!!! I want my fellow Versed/Midazolam sufferers to see the esteem with which we are held by the medical profession, so please take the time to scrawl some hateful and derogatory responses!
One of the main reasons everybody gets this drug is the usual stand by MONEY. Hospitals are there to make money. ALL of them, even the not for profit hospitals. Doctors are the owners of the hospital in many instances and they want to make even more money than the astronomical sums that they make (not earn) at their usual profession. They are not on your side. They have a sworn duty to soak you for as much as possible while they whine about malpractice insurance all the way to the bank.
The not for profit hospitals are also following the dollar. They need to make as much money on some of patients as possible in order to pay for the ones that don't pay, or don't have insurance. I applaud them for this, but it means that you are going to get the most expensive treatment available without regard for your finances. After all that nurse is already at your bedside, so their cost is static. If she/he has to be more vigilant and they get to charge more, then that is pure profit.
No matter what excuse the medical providers give you, know this; they are not giving you this drug for your benefit, only their own. If it were truly for the benefit of the patient they wouldn't be so sneaky about Versed and they would allow you to know what it is. They are deceitful about this drug and guess what that means... It means that THEY want you to have it and know full well that most would decline this little poison if they told you what it is and what it does.
There are exceptions to every rule and I do believe that there are a very few people with phobias about medical procedures and hospitals. These few people should be able to request amnesia if that is what they want, just like sedation dentistry. For the rest of us, this drug is not only unnecessary, but harmful. is an excellent place for people to vent about the sub human treatment they have received from their trusted care givers. It's not pretty and it isn't unusual. This is where we learn to seize back our power and to become more savvy consumers. With health care costs going through the roof because of things such as unnecessary "conscious sedation," it behooves us to get control back from the profiteers in the medical field.
Nobody, especially our over paid medical providers, is going to give up easy money without a fight. Doctors and medical professionals are considered by most people as only having their patients best interests at heart. This is not true in today's world. They are just as greedy and avaricious as the next person and in modern medicine they have free rein to do any amount of damage and still not be held accountable. We need to do something about it so here we go.

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