Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mental Health of our Caregivers

If you have read some of my other posts, you have seen that medical professionals are quick to allege that WE PATIENTS have mental problems, that it CANNOT BE THEIR PRECIOUS VERSED! They say that we are control freaks. They say that we had pre-existing mental issues before we got the drug. When they say this keep in mind that they are PROVING OUR CASE! If Versed causes this reaction in previously traumatized patients, then it should be banned, shouldn't it? Decompensation is an ugly thing to cause in a patient just because the CONTROL FREAK anesthesia provider wants total control of you!

This is The tired old trick of blaming others of the exact thing that you yourself are guilty of. To use their own words against them, we don't have time to give them a rundown on every single thing in our past that MAY OR MAY NOT cause Versed to give us PTSD! They don't have time to explain what Versed is, then they don't have time to listen to us drone on and on about our life experiences.

In reading through the responses of an unnatural number of anesthesia people, it occurs to me that these people get into anesthesia, not for some altruistic hocum like relieving pain, but for a far more sinister reason. I believe that they are getting into the business of conking people in the head because they have some unresolved violence issues themselves. This is a perfect job for people with sadistic tendencies isn't it?

Where else can you get a job where you can abuse patients, have them screaming and writhing in pain and get to laugh at their suffering? This comes through loud and clear. They are AMUSED at our pain. They think it's FUNNY that we have long term anxiety disorders from their poison! They could care less! Not exactly the response one would expect from our Florence Nightingale types is it?

I think that there should be some kind of mental health screening done on ALL medical care providers. ALL of them. There has to be some protection for patients from psychopaths going in to the medical field so that they can have free rein for their violent tendencies. Most other professions that have to do with public safety have to show that they are normal. That goes for police, social workers, teachers etc. Yet social misfits are allowed into the medical field. This needs to stop.

I also feel that medical providers, Doctors, nurses, anesthetists should be routinely drug tested. A random drug test is particularly important when the person involved has UNFETTERED ACCESS to drugs. Anesthesia providers have a really high incidence of drug abuse! Didn't know that did you? Here's the link to one study. Substance Abuse Among Physicians: A Survey of Academic Anesthesiology Programs -- Booth et al. 95 (4): 1024 -- Anesthesia & A...Let's get these rogue actors out of the hospital. It is just as important to know that our health care providers are not on drugs as it is for our truck drivers and air traffic controllers. Medical people are just too trusted in my opinion.

Stories abound from the Katrina fiasco, FindLaw: Louisiana Files Second-Degree Murder Charges Against Doctor, Nurses in Hurricane Katrina Hospital Patient Deathsto Dentists raping their Versed patients, to the nurse in England who raped and murdered people after giving them Versed. BBC News UK Nurse guilty of date rape killingThere is a Doctor from Canada who was just convicted of raping his patients after incapacitating them with Versed. Sask. doctor sentenced for rapeYou can Google these and MORE! This drug has way too much potential for abuse, even if you completely discount the long term psychological problems associated with it and the physical torture brought on by too much reliance on amnesia and not enough consideration for the patients' pain.

When you call, write, e-mail and fax your representatives these are some things that need to be done to keep us safe. Mental health screening and drug testing for everybody involved with patients.

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