Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Write "Letters to the Editor"

To reach a wide audience and to warn others of the secret compliance drug Versed, why don't you try your hand at writing a letter to the editor? Mine was entitled "Hospitals' Dirty Little Secret." I will send you a copy to fiddle with if you want it! Just type it out and send it to your local newspaper as is! It is my intellectual property and I can give it out as I see fit. It gave me a small satisfaction to see a copy of it taped into the front jacket of my chart at the surgeon's office. It must have upset them. Why else would it be there?

Do you think I care if the surgeon won't work on me again? Hell to the NO! I wouldn't send my dog to that careless liar. My particular case went far beyond just the anesthesia, but there should be no surprise there! However the abuse started with VERSED! Any hospital that withholds pertinent information about Versed, can be counted on to do other bad things as well. My feeling is that without Versed, they would never have had the chance to injure me in other ways. The surgeon would have paid a little more attention to his job if I had been awake.

I wonder how many people who have had a bad colonoscopy with Versed and subsequently had a perforated bowel even thought about how vicious the exam was and how carelessly it was performed? If you have had this problem, ever think that Versed may have been the root cause? Colonoscopy is a pretty violent exam as done under Versed. You could have been vigorously trying to get away and forcibly restrained. Sounds like a good way to get a perforation to me!

So write a letter to the editor about being given a zombie and amnesia drug at the hospital. You can find your local paper on-line, usually with an area to write these "letters to the editor." You will have to identify yourself and where you live, but they will honor your request to remain anonymous. At least mine said they would. I didn't mind being identified.

The response to my letter was mixed. Real patients were surprised and dismayed, medical people were in a snit, but at least they know we are on to them. I wonder how many people tried to stop them from using Versed after reading my letter? More importantly, I wonder how many people got Versed even after they tried to stop them. The old "small dose" trick...

Most Versed is given in very small doses anyway. Apparently the average dose to create amnesia and total obedience is only 2 mgs. Versed has a very fine line between "therapeutic doses" ( a misnomer if i ever heard one) and stopping your breathing and heart. There IS NO THERAPEUTIC DOSE OF VERSED. This is poison, it shuts down large portions of your brain, leaving the other parts in terror! In my opinion, after having been assaulted with this drug, there are no safe doses.

Write a letter to the editor and warn others. (or contact me and use mine) I wish somebody had warned me! Versed should not be a secret.

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