Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What "Elected Officials?"

Everybody in the US has Senators and Congressmen at the state and federal level. Start with you local elected officials that serve in your state capital. Usually you will have a state Senator and a couple of state congressmen. These people will probably live somewhere near you. They may even have townhall meetings. Get involved! Contact them first and outline the abuse of the drug Versed. Then show up at their meetings.

There are several issues with the use of Versed, the first and foremost being "informed consent." Here is some background on "informed consent" and the reasons that we have such laws.Informed Consent: Encyclopedia of Everyday Law Notice in particular the statement "Importantly this means that the patient does not have a duty to inquire about risks or options; the duty rests with the treating Doctor." Are we CLEAR on that?

It is NOT YOUR FAULT that you didn't think to ask if their "something to relax you" causes amnesia and/or obedience against your will! This is a failure of communication at best and subterfuge and typical blame the victim at worst. DO NOT let these people intimidate you, tell you you shouldn't have signed the document without information etc. The information on Versed is deliberately withheld, and commonly the patient is blamed for "apathy," not asking questions and all the rest of their lame excuses why this drug wasn't explained. Who the hell would think to ask "does this drug cause amnesia?"

This means that "informed consent" is a coerced signing of a document designed to "hold harmless" your medical team. They are so used to this, that informed consent means nothing. This needs to change. The only way to change it is to start complaining to your legislators that "informed consent" laws need to be changed and strengthened. These people need to have their feet held to the fire for this breach of communication.

The excuse "I didn't have enough time to explain every little drug" is subterfuge. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for not telling the helpless patient about this drug! None. It is required by law, but as we all know medical professionals are some of the worst lawbreakers around, especially where it comes to informed consent!

Why should they follow the law? There is no penalty for NOT following the law! Informed consent is a mere formality for these people, not really necessary at all because they "know what's best." If you are lucky they will at least tell you before they inject you, and you stupid patient are to go along with whatever they want, no dissension allowed! Worse are the ones who leave the patient completely in the dark because "they know what's best" and proceed to do exactly what you told them not to, breaching the spirit of informed consent.

In a perfect world, the care providers would tell you about what they would like to do, outlining the effects of the drugs and the drawbacks. This would include the amnesia. They should also warn you that if you try to stop the procedure AFTER injection, that you will be unable to do so because you "lack capacity" while under Versed. You should have warning that if the amnesia doesn't work, they have no way of knowing this and will continue after being told to stop. This is REALLY IMPORTANT folks! Nobody wants to know that they can be screaming and writhing in pain and will be sat on, tied down or tied up despite your protestations! Even WITH amnesia is this how you want to be treated?

Our elected officials need to know this. Versed is such a big secret for a reason! Medical people stand to lose a lot of money if their control drug is taken away. They don't want to have to talk to you or explain anything. They want complete and immediate obedience without demur. They want you to be unable to remember being abused. But most of all, they want the MONEY for giving you Versed! They want to be overpaid and under worked. Versed is the perfect drug for this!

Your officials may be resistant to the idea that the people we trust with our very lives are offenders of the worst ilk. They won't like the idea that our medical workers are assaulting patients and denying them the most basic of human rights. You need to be prepared to give instances, web sites, and paperwork documenting the abuse. This is why I say to file complaints with your local "boards" first. Then you can point out that you have been abused and the law flouted.

Ask your elected officials what laws are on the books to prevent this kind of abuse. Ask how they are implemented. Ask about fines and sanctions for breaching the law. I think you will be horrified to learn that although "informed consent" laws are in there, there are no penalties at all for not following the law. Some officials may claim that if they were to follow the law, that it would force medical practitioners out of the state. Hogwash. Strong "informed consent" laws will help everybody. It will cut down on litigation, it will cut down on unnecessary treatments resulting in savings for all and a renewed trust in our medical providers. Informed consent laws are good for everybody, they shouldn't just be to protect the medical people.

Look up you state Senate "Committee on Health Care." Your state has one and if you are lucky you representative will be on it. Contact them armed with your paperwork. Request an audience with them or to appear at a meeting. Hitchhike there if you have to! This is important. Once again monetary savings are paramount, they are looking for ways to save money on health care costs which are in crisis right now. This is an easy way to trim millions of dollars off the cost of basic medical procedures. It is also a way to save some money on major surgery. If they cut out this one little step in medical care, the frivolous sedation the savings will be ASTRONOMICAL!

Remind them that in the few cases of true medical phobia, this "sedation" can be used, but only in extreme cases. The side effects such as long term hyper anxiety and PTSD like symptoms should be brought up as well. Not only is Versed unnecessary, but it is very HARMFUL to a lot of patients, especially if it is given without warning and without a true informed consent.

If you need help with figuring out who these elected officials are in your area feel free to contact me and I will find them for you! All I need is the city and state you are in. I will help in any way I can, just e-mail me at

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