Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Election and Health Care

Well, the election is over and Obama has won.  That means that the abominable "Affordable Care Act" is here to stay.  Is there any reason why I should keep writing about Versed?  If the government decides that it's cheaper to simply 'sedate' people instead of giving expensive general anesthesia, or trying to alleviate pain then that's what we will get.  After all, even our allegedly 'educated' anesthesia people prefer this method.  They want to give you AMNESIA instead of pain relief.  They can just strap us down and go at it.  Nobody will care.  If you scream too much (hurts your 'caregivers' ears) or struggle too much (irritates the doctor) you will simply be jammed with more Versed until your brain is completely destroyed or you are dead. 

It isn't inconceivable to me if we don't have new questions on the intake.  Better check the 'minority' box.  Better check the 'democrat' box.  Don't say anything that could cause the health care workers to be careless with you.  I have nothing to tell seniors except "Don't go in for any tests and avoid medical care like the plague."  We as a nation are broke.  Our elected officials have claimed that they can pay down the national debt with the health care laws.  Ever wonder how they plan to do that?  THINK about what that means.  I don't need to draw you a picture, do I?  If you can read this post, then you are smart enough to figure out just HOW this can be done.

Good luck to all who need any kind of medical intervention.

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