Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doug Jones; Anesthesia Side Effects

At last somebody has recognised the myriad problems with anesthesia. is even offering help if you live in the Colorado area.  Doug Jones has some very informative short videos and a pdf file which explains even more.  This is a must read for all of us Versed 'sufferers' and also for any open minded anesthesia types who want to know the real truth about all the 'harmless' drugs they give us...  You know, all those drugs like Versed which clear the system so fast and have no residual effects. (yeah right)  Doug Jones nails all the weird problems we have had since our 'incident' at the medical treatment centers.  He also explains why our oh-so-brilliant and ever-so-educated anesthesia people (and other medical types) are so blind as to the damage they are inflicting upon us!  Enjoy.

Anesthesia Side Effects

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