Thursday, July 12, 2012

Medical Deception

I've written a little bit about how deceptive our medical workers are.  Here's one from my personal experience with my first ORIF distal radius....

I think even medical people will agree that this surgery is a minor one.  No big deal.  Outpatient services can handle this trifling surgery.  Even a crna can handle this one with an otherwise healthy patient, agreed? I personally take exception to this, but only because my particular little medical minion claimed that the axillary block was dangerous in the extreme.  Maybe it was dangerous for HIM to give me the block, but in the proper hands I don't think it is.  This is a 'bring your driver' type outpatient operation.

So why is it, that if my surgery went so well, were these jackels planning to ADMIT ME afterwards?  Hmmm.  Nobody mentioned that this surgery required an over night stay prior to the debacle.  Right there on my chart it says that "pt. tolerated procedure well."  Or maybe not!  They lied to me.  They lied to me all along, I did NOT tolerate the procedure well, and the procedure was done so poorly as to make me think that a JANITOR performed it.  They lied to me about Versed.  They lied ABOUT me to several different boards!  So why did they suddenly decide they wanted to keep me overnight if things went so well?

Could it be that the surgery was such a fiasco that they felt that I would benefit from careful watching to see if they had caused some horrible harm?  Oversight and nursing care FROM THEM?   HAHAHAHA!  I hadn't really thought much about this attempt to turn me into an in-patient because there was no way I was staying there with those people, even if I had to walk out clad in only a surgical blanket!  They had STOLEN my belongings and sent them up to some room, without my permission.  There I was demanding my clothes or I would kill them all and disrupt every patient in the hospital, and they had to go fetch them.  Can you believe it?  I NEVER agreed to stay under any circumstances!  This was to be an in and out thing, not an overnighter!

 I take this as more proof about what consumate liars these people are.  Oh yeah, everything went fine, other than we brained you with Versed, and then gave you g/a and a kidney infection without your permission!  The surgery went well.  Just because you fought us the entire time and we couldn't drug you enough to hold you still, doesn't mean it wasn't a success!  Disregard all those screws sticking out, that won't hurt you!  They are actually all inside the bone ANYWAY, you are too stupid to tell..  (see xrays in the blog elsewhere)  You just don't know how to read xrays and besides you are UPSET with us so your mental capacity is suspect.

As far as I can tell, that whole attempt at moving me to a room is just more proof of how these people will lie about your procedure.  If it went well, like they said, they wouldn't have decided they wanted to keep me, before I even woke up!

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  1. I think they always say our procedures 'went well' or 'we tolerated them well'. My doctor noted the same thing in my record even though I nearly bled to death and woke up crying out that I wanted to die once I learned I had been knocked out and all of my healthy sex organs amputated; all without my realizing it... thanks to a CRNA who didn't give a damn about whether or not I had even consented to surgery or not and thanks to the drug Versed. I guess as far as my sociopath doctor was concerned, I tolerated the procedure well. These people are truly evil. Hell is too good for them.