Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter 15-The Critical Importance of Individual Autonomy

Here's the link.  Chapter 15 – The Critical Importance of Individual Autonomy  I took the liberty of excerpting a paragraph from Dr. Rich's 'book.'

"It is inevitable that eventually (if not immediately) the overwhelming fiscal catastrophe that healthcare costs threaten to bring down upon all of us will cause our Progressive leaders to mandate (now that such mandates are widely acknowledged to be legitimate) that we all must engage in sufficiently healthy lifestyles (since our gluttony, sloth, driving habits, hobbies, and other proclivities are creating an unfair strain on our precious healthcare system). People who allow themselves to become too fat or too old, or who injure too many joints because of carelessness or poor choice of pasttimes, or who (by virtue of the fact that they have developed preventable diseases such as cancer, heart attack or stroke) demonstrate that they have paid insufficient attention to proper preventive measures, will (at the very least) have a lesser priority when it comes to receiving healthcare services. Good citizens (the ones who behave themselves, and whose good behavior is manifested by good health) will be taught from an early age to disdain the likes of these lazy, careless, and intemperate individuals who become fat or sick, who care nothing for their fellow citizens, and whose selfish personal choices place those good citizens in unnecessary jeopardy."

I wondered if anybody else could draw these conclusions.  I admit to a certain arrogance of the IQ crowd (since my debacle at the hands of a crna who is in no way on par with my superior IQ) in that I would even have the hubris to think that only *I* could follow this health care mandate through to its ultimate consequence.  Lest anybody think that they will be left out of the hate filled rhetoric of the pure, spotless and healthy crowd, let me disabuse you of that little fallacy at once.

Hopefully you do not drink or smoke, abuse prescription medicines, are skinny, jog 10 miles a day, drink preparations to guarantee that you will never grow old, take your FDA approved vitamin regimen etc.  But I will bet that you perfect specimens do something which will cause the rest of us to pay for your health care bills, aside from merely getting older...

What do you do for recreation?  Do you hike where a wild animal might molest you or you might fall off a trail?  (bad for the environment as well!)  Do you ride horses or motorcycles?  Do you go skiing?  Do you or have you ever been convicted of SPEEDING in your motor vehicle?  Do you jog at night without protective gear, to include lights, turn signals, reflective tape, a helmet and various guards for your joints?  Do you swim?  If so do you have a flotation device?  Are you timing yourself after eating before returning to your water sports?  What are you doing to make yourself live forever, and not become a burden in your old age?  Do you have a suicide pact with your doctor yet, so that if you ever get sick, you won't be a burden to the rest of us who are still perfect in every way?

 Don't even START with what all we allow our children to do!  Think of the ball playing, tree climbing, jumping, running and all those things that children do.  They could injure themselves!  They could even injure themselves badly enough to cause permanent harm, for which society will pay!  We need to STOP all that dangerous childhood fun.  Immediately if not sooner.

Sex is still a pretty good way to get an expensive problem or exotic disease.  Hepatitis, gonorrhea, genital warts, HIV, jeez, the list goes on.  Are you abstaining from this?  We need to save the world from excessive humans, have you been sterilized yet?  If not, why not? Don't you want to save the world and not burden the rest of us?  Pregnancy is fraught with peril and laden with high medical costs...    So far the only freedom we have left is what we do with our willing partners, but this has to stop if we are to afford this affordable health care act.

Why are you sitting at a computer reading this?  Don't you know that sitting, a sedentary lifestyle, the glare of the computer screen etc. can cause health problems?  For you medical types, are you watching your blood pressure while you read this stuff?  With the internet takeover, they may well monitor our 'screen time' and just shut off our computer so that we go and exercise for a while.  Just 'nudging' us in the proper direction!  A healthy slave is a productive slave.  It says something about us all remaining productive right there in the affordable care act.

Once the feds are responsible for our health, they can and will do a lot more to prevent ourselves from being injured.  Onerous seatbelt and helmet laws are just the start!  They WILL prevent us from being a 'burden to society.'  Funny how there was absolutely ZERO in this health care bill to rein in abuses, over treatment, excessive salaries, excessive treatment or even forcing medical practitioners to conform to patient rights law.  It's all about control and MONEY!  Just like the purveyors of Versed.  Instead of bringing the cost down so that we could all afford insurance again, they decided to promote the excessive dollars spent on "health care" with this bill.

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