Sunday, February 6, 2011

What we are up against!

I grabbed this post from as an example of how the medical field refuses to listen to us and uses ridicule and a patronising tone to shut us up... this post speaks volumes in what it says and even MORE in what it doesn't say.

John said...

"Why , why, why would an anesthesiologist feel a nned to "sneak" in a medication? This blog is full of paranoid people. Take a break! I've used this drug in the Peds ICU for years without a single complaint. Get a grip."

First of all you have to realize that this person "John" posted at the end of over 500 posts, the majority of them from people who have had a severe reaction to Versed. A good proportion of them are from people who have been given Versed WITHOUT proper consent. As a subset to this, there are the unfortunate ones who have had Versed injected even after they had declined it.

So now we have "John" who states the he has "used this drug in Peds ICU for years without a single complaint." Has he heard of any complaints NOW? Do you think that "John" has heard a single complaint about Versed after he read all of our complaints about Versed on versedbusters? Has he read any of the numerous articles about the dangers of Versed use in ICU? Has he read that sedation as practiced in many hospital ICU's is CAUSING major problems? Has John continued his education about his Versed addiction in medical settings? I think not, and yet, he takes a supercilious tone with us on versedbusters... These people ARE addicted to using Versed...

I too would like to know "Why, why, why would an anesthesiologist feel the need to sneak in a medication." That's exactly what I want to know. I have attempted to find out the reason for this apparent aberration on the part of Versed pushers for YEARS now. John is the trained medical professional, who by his own statements is involved with wholesale Versed use! Why, why, why, doesn't he reveal unto us mere mortals the reason he uses it? Hmmm!

Notice the personal attack by John. Right away, we must all be suffering from a mental disorder called "paranoia." Here's the definition of the diagnosis of paranoia that I got from here. Paranoia Define Paranoia at It says in part;

1)"Psychiatry . a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions..." Delusions John, not reality. We do not have DELUSIONS about Versed use and you PROVE it by your own statements.

2)"baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others." Since medical people completely deny that Versed has a single side effect, their motives are suspect. It's not baseless! What is the motive behind the almost invariable use of Versed, even when the patient declines it? What is the motive behind the almost total lack of informed consent for this little item? I don't think its excessive at all to be suspect of the motives of Versed pushers. They won't respond to us except like this alleged anesthesiologist who begs us to tell him why HE HIMSELF uses Versed. Is that rational on his part? If medical people can't come up with an answer as to why we are getting Versed, who wouldn't be suspicious of them? (Not sure that John is even a Dr. let alone a specialist in mental disease IE a psychiatrist so his snap judgement is suspect on its face)

"Take a break" and "get a grip" are the usual phrases medical people use to negate any conversation about their precious drug Versed. I want to delve into that a little bit, but I'm confused. "Take a break" from what? Take a break from the Versed induced PTSD? That would be very nice wouldn't it? "Take a break" from telling others our stories about being poisoned by willful, aggressive medical people who assault us with Versed? I think its the latter. I think John really wants to tell us to SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT VERSED! He likes it and he wants to keep on using it. "Get a grip" is exactly what we HAVE done. We have gotten a grip on the medication called Versed, we have a grip on the horrendous side effects, and we have gotten a grip on medical ways. We have gotten a grip and we are REJECTING Versed.

My personal take on John is that he is suffering from the same "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" that I see is so common among anesthesia providers. It's all about HIM isn't it! He is also in denial. I'm sure there is medical parlance to describe the mental disorder that prevents reality from intruding in a person's mind in spite of proof to the contrary... Is that being delusional? I'll have to look it up. Maybe John is having a little paranoid episode of his own about all of US! LOL

Good luck John! May your patients always be too young to "complain" about Versed and/or SUE your sorry butt for wrecking their minds with your nasty little drug. Your mental disorders seem too deeply ingrained for me to offer much help. "Take a break" and "get a grip." Get professional help with your Versed induced "paranoia." (Funny that John would rather be thought up as mentally disturbed or psychologically lacking than give up his precious Versed.)

PS I looked around on the internet a little bit and found this site!!!! Anyone's LO have Versed before a surgery? Update#29 - MotheringDotCommunity Community So "John," honey, have you seen this one? How many mothers do you see on this web page that are COMPLAINING ABOUT VERSED being used on their children? Can you hear us now? This website has been around for a while, so there really is no excuse for you not seeing it! That is if you were even slightly interested in the well being of your young patients and not just the expediency of drugging them with Versed. You still going to try to convince us that you have NEVER heard of any complaints? You are perfect, Versed is perfect, and we all live in that happy place? Excepting of course those of us who have a severe reaction to this beloved poison! ROFL!

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  1. Thanks for being so vigilant in fighting for people who might otherwise be convinced by such falsehoods. Keep up the good work!

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