Friday, February 4, 2011

Brain Function

Here are some excellent articles about brain function. In plain English they describe the function of the frontal lobe, you know, the same part of the brain that Versed suppresses blood flow to. These also chronicle what happens when this part of the brain is damaged. They describe the behavior and physicality of people on Versed... Compare the effects of Versed and the effects of BRAIN DAMAGE!

Medical people SHOW ME THE EMPIRICAL PROOF that starving the frontal lobes of oxygen via disruption of full blood flow with Versed doesn't cause permanent damage. This does not include demonstrations from you people using ANECDOTAL evidence! An example of this type of "evidence" would be "I have given Versed hundreds of times with no ill effects." NO, I want proof, as in EEG's performed before during and after Versed, especially after using Versed in the massive amounts that some of you prefer. Followup appointments for non biased blind studies by brain function experts and/or neurologists who perform tests on the subjects to ascertain the damage caused by Versed usage is an example! Perhaps some personality tests performed by skilled mental health EXPERTS to measure personality traits before and after Versed as well.

We patients ARE TELLING YOU, that we are experiencing symptoms of brain damage and personality disorders, PTSD etc. following Versed injections. It's hubris to suggest that our personal experiences with Versed are without merit... I thought that a lesson in brain function might be in order.

Frontal Lobe Function

Here is a companion piece about the specific areas of the brain that Versed poisons...
Midazolam decreases cerebral blood flow in the lef... [Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2000] - PubMed result

Here's a study about the areas of the brain which make us human. Remember that I accuse medical workers of turning us into a vegetable group by injecting us with Versed. I took great exception to having my personality decimated by this drug. Here's an scientific article about this very thing. Frontal Lobes and Human Essence

Versed is a dangerous, dehumanizing poison whose long term effects are hard to judge and harder still because medical workers are in denial that their drug of choice causes brain damage! Happy reading.

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