Friday, November 18, 2016


My daughter broke her collar bone 6 weeks ago.  As you can imagine, she was terrified that I would let them give her Versed OR that the anesthesia provider would simply defy me and give it to her anyway.  She had to deal with me for several years after my debacle with Aaron, the crna who gave me Versed against my will and against my instructions.  She was afraid that would happen to her...

First she witnessed me refusing to sign the intake documents.  As I have admonished people, take the time to read the contract.  Since this IS a contract it is within your rights to strike whatever it is that they want permission for.  In this case it was a blanket consent to allow anybody they chose to do whatever they wanted, in direct violation of informed consent law.  Never give up all control and your rights as required by law by signing anything of the sort.  Then I quickly crossed out any consent for video recording the procedure.  NO!  So the witch (with a "b") said that they would not perform the surgery if I didn't sign the paper without any alterations.  The fight was on.

In those documents, there are phone numbers which I began calling.  I am not forced to sign a blanket consent before treatment.  An "informed consent" is different.  That one has details in it REQUIRED BY LAW and also REQUIRED BY LAW is your right to refuse any part of the proposed treatment. That doesn't come with a caveat, sign this or else.  That is coercion and is specifically forbidden BY LAW.  I did get hold of somebody who wasn't such an idiot (and had some authority) and ran down the abusive, arrogant and dismissive behavior of the intake minion.  Problem solved.  I simply said that their intake form was unacceptable, illegal and it would be irresponsible of me to sign it.  The hospital took the offending document, with my lines and scrawls and without my signature and we proceeded.

It is YOUR RIGHT to have an actual doctor instead of an anesthesia nurse.  You may demand that.  I did.  While I was discussing my daughter's anesthesia with the anesthesiologist, a crna popped into the room (he had a name tag which described his lowly role) and I hissed at him and held up the universal sign of getting rid of a vampire, in his face.  You know the one where you form your index fingers into the sign of the cross?  He disappeared instantly.  Thanks little crna.  I'm glad you didn't stay and fight with me.  Maybe he didn't like me mentioning Aaron's (the crna which caused my problem) full name?  Whatever, he left precipitously.  Maybe he was a nice guy, he might have been professional and respected our wishes, but judging by Aaron's treatment of me and the scornful way the crna's who come here have treated me, I won't take any chances.

With the exception of the original intake person, everybody else was accommodating and very pleasant.  They defused what could have been a major ordeal and I was very pleased.

I spent my time praying in the chapel while my daughter was in surgery.  I'm an agnostic, so this is unusual behavior for me.  Finally the surgeon called me on my cell phone.  So with great trepidation I walked to the doorway of my kid's recovery room.  OMG you'd think she never had surgery!  She was talking and laughing with her nurse, was able to walk to the bathroom unassisted (you have to before they let you out) and in general she was bright and chipper. It was UNBELIEVABLE. Seriously like a miracle.  I am not exaggerating at all.  It was like nothing ever happened.

So what did the anesthesiologist and I agree upon?  Not GA.  Not Versed.  Not a dangerous regional block. (interscalene)  Propofol.  Nothing but Propofol.  Now the kidlet's clavicle is in place with a plate and a bunch of screws and she is back competing on her horse.  The one that fell down with her and broke her collar bone in the first place.  (Another story.) She won the novice division at a schooling event a few weeks later.

Do not be afraid.  If I can do this, get control of medical treatment, so can you.

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