Friday, November 18, 2016

Another Person With a Successful Foray into Medicine

This came in my emails at  I love a happy ending, so I'm sharing with permission of course.


"Hi Jackie

I contacted you last year about how I've had colonoscopies without sedation and how, to me, they are painless.  I wanted to relate to you a surprising experience I had this past Friday.

On Friday, I had joint replacement surgery on the big toe of my right foot.  My doctor told me she normally does this surgery under MAC.  So, I was prepared for the usual fight about no Versed with the Anesthesiologist.  However, the Anesthesiologist spoke with me for a very long time, listening to my concerns and history.  He recommended, based on my history, GA, and he absolutely assured me that Versed would not be used. 

No one tried to put anything into my IV prior to going to the OR, and in the OR, clearly visible to all, was a huge white board with my medical history listed.  In the middle of the white board, in big letters, was "ALLERGIES - VERSED".  The feeling of relief I had seeing those two words was indescribable. 

The surgery went well and I am now recovering.  I was very lucky to have the Anesthesiologist I had for this surgery."


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