Sunday, November 27, 2016

Propofol: the Lesser of the Evils

I wrote about the miracle of Propofol and want to talk about that a little bit more.  Propofol was a miracle drug for my daughter.  Would I allow Propofol to be used on me?  Maybe, maybe not.

I have read way too many articles talking about the "patient cooperation" with Propofol.  To me, that doesn't sound like "asleep."  Sorry, I find that disturbing, especially after the Versed debacle.  The "amnesia" didn't work for me with Versed and the absolute HORROR of being unable to move or speak efficiently and the crawling subservience to the medical minions every whim was more than I could deal with.  If I could describe the level of freakiness for you I would.  Follow that with waking up from the general anesthesia I had FORBIDDEN, on my feet trying to kill people with my cast, I have a very deep issue with any drug which renders you obedient, incapable of stopping the procedure and which produces a profound personality change.  Since NOBODY will tell the truth about these drugs, I have a hard time swallowing the happy clouds descriptions.  "Superior patient cooperation with Propofol" comes close to sounding like Versed, only worse.

I saw the results of using Propofol on my daughter and it was an incredible drug.  Would it be safe for me and others who have already had a problem with Versed?  I-don't-know.  Depending on the medical issue, if Propofol were the least of the anesthesia options I would choose it.  MAC is out of the question as is general anesthetic.  I have had very good results from regional blocks without sedation so that would be MY first choice.  Performed by a doctor of course.  For more invasive procedures which cannot be performed with a block, then Propofol.  The thing is, for people like me, all this sedation, MAC and general anesthetic is complete overkill.  Why would we need all this crap for some minor procedure?  It boggles the mind.

I would accept Propofol as a last resort only.

PS  After the debacle with my distal radius fracture (see the "vast improvement" in the x-rays, which is actually minuscule. Keep in mind that I reduced that fracture on my own before I ever saw a doctor...) If I had the same fracture as my daughter, here is my plan...I would tie a rope around my wrist, then shut a door over the other end of the rope about shoulder height and pull until I could tease the widely displaced ends of the bones together again.  The roughness of the fracture will help hold the bone ends together.  A nice brace to hold that shoulder back until it healed and voila, problem solved.  If you can't handle that, Propofol might be a good choice so the medical people can fix it for you.

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