Saturday, June 27, 2015

Reader Post About Dementia

I have written often about the problem of older folks going in for medical treatment with their mental processes intact and leaving for a nursing home afterwards with their brain function destroyed.  I even had an uppity anesthesia nurse (accidentally) confirm that this is a problem.  She/he claimed it was "heart patients" most at risk for hospital acquired dementia.  The patient in this comment was turned into a vegetable by medical care but wait until you read what this reader found out...

4LisasDad has left a new comment on your post "Medical People Speak Out Against Versed":

My Dad was given this drug at 79 for Hip Surgery since he was not a candidate for general anesthesia. He went into surgery mentally sharp and after surgery had complete memory loss of most of his life and was labeled as having dementia by the doctors. They dismissed my claims he did NOT have dementia before the surgery. Speaking with him he had only traumatic memories of the surgery and only moments of clarity of where he was and who I was. He was never the same after taking this drug, marked depression and anxiety/nightmares of people cutting his leg off. He eventually stopped eating and died. If I had only have known the side effects of this drug he might be alive today. He was not the only one, many of the families I talked with at the nursing home had the same experience. Some seem to get "dementia" after having something as simple as an endoscopy. Versed was the common thread to all our stories of how our loved ones ended up in the nursing home and ultimately lost their minds.

Really?  Is this what you want to happen to YOU or your loved one?  We need to ban this dangerous drug.  Obviously medical people are fully aware of this problem and choose to ignore it in favor of their own selfish desire to make their work easier.  "Versed was the common thread to ALL OUR STORIES of how our loved ones ended up in the nursing home and ultimately lost their minds."  Let that sink in.  Next time some arrogant anesthesia person approaches with a syringe of "sedation" DON'T LET THEM INJECT IT!  You have that right.

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