Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dentists (again)

Here's the latest in the bizarre world of children's dentistry.  I can think of  only one reason a dentist would be able to get away with this degree of cruelty and for so long.

Brandi Motley exposed Florida dentist Howard Schneider about his children's practice | Daily Mail Online

Whenever I see a story about torture with people standing around doing nothing but watch somebody scream it says one word to me.  Versed.  Want to bet these drugged up looking children were given a little "sedative"?  I'd like to see what gave this dentist the idea that this much pain and suffering were OK.  Did he really do this without "anesthesia"?  Are they talking about "without novacaine/articaine" or without anything?    Versed is sometimes called anesthesia (it isn't, Versed does nothing to alleviate pain) and sometimes called a "sedative". (it isn't in non medical parlance)

Unfortunately this exhibition of depraved indifference has become quite common since Versed.  The medical/dental providers have discovered that they can torture with impunity because most of the time, the patient won't remember it.  Watch the video if you want to see how people, even innocent children are treated while they are on Versed.  I don't KNOW that the child was "sedated" but I'm thinking the kids would have ratted out this dentist a long time ago if they had remembered the mistreatment.

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