Saturday, June 27, 2015


Oh yes this one makes me happy.  I admit to GLOATING over the fact that the anesthesia person lost their job and the patient got half a mil. in damages.  I'm loving it.

I have complained ad nauseum about my treatment at the hands of Aaron, my anesthesia nurse who was posing as a doctor.  He shot me up with Versed against my expressed instructions.  (as I'm allowed by LAW tp doctate)  Once they thought I had amnesia they began their insults and slurs.  I had to lie there helpless and listen to them degrade me.  To say I was shocked and angry is an understatement.  I could NOT understand why nobody told him to shut the hell up.  Not only that, some of them also laughed and joined in the fun of denigrating me.  I feel that their behavior contributed to the PTSD I got from my medical treatment.  They told me I was lying, that I couldn't possibly remember anything, the drug was making me hallucinate etc.  Too bad *I* didn't have a recording.  All *I* have is my intact memory.

This patient got even.  I am so happy about this!  I hope millions upon millions of people read about this lawsuit and become suspicious of their medical employees.  We have to keep a sharp eye on them because this isn't an aberration, this is business as usual for our medical minions.  Ban Versed.  It's turning our medical people into sociopaths.  Sociopath | Define Sociopath at

A patient secretly records his colonoscopy. It cost this doctor her job.

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