Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Nurse Does It!

Here's a new story, this one out of Oregon.  It features yet another male nurse found sexually assaulting "sedated" patients.  The horrors of Versed/Midazolam just keep going.  No matter how many stories there are about abuse of patients with this drug, physical torture AND sexual assault, the medical community ignores the problems.  So not only do we get our brains absolutely fried with this wonder drug, we also get other types of abuse heaped upon us.  Simply for the need of medical attention.

How many more patients are out there, feeling OK after their medical treatment, unaware that they have been brutally violated?  I guess for medical practitioners, as long as the patients don't remember they were violated, then it's just fine.  Is this really what you want from medical care?  A nice "sedative" to give you complete amnesia while leaving you awake and very, very "cooperative"?  

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