Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Article On Joan Rivers/Sedation

We are still trying to get to the bottom of the debacle with Joan Rivers.  Here is another article on what may have happened, featuring my favorite drug. Click here: Joan Rivers Crisis Highlights Sedation Risks  Sadly each time somebody is cruelly harmed by medical care vis a vis Versed there is a brief flurry of activity and people other than me writing about the dangers.  Soon enough it is swept under the rug.  The medical field in general doesn't want us to refuse their amnesia and patient control drug.  No matter how dangerous it is for us, the attractions for medical people in general and crna's in particular are such that it's nearly impossible to get any real action on telling the public how bad this drug can be.  Medical people don't care, the law doesn't protect us and any criticism of Versed at all is met with resistance.  Just look in the comments section of the above link to see some of that.

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