Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Problem With Denial and Red Herrings

In my previous post I linked to an article about Jeffrey McCallister, a nurse who sexually assaulted "sedated" patients.  I did some more research about it and came across the following from the NYDaily.  When I looked through the comments I found a comment which is so strange I had to comment on it.  Apparently the commenter is in denial about what medical care entails these days and instead focuses on something else...


4 days ago
he's white. he'll get 18 months in a minimum security facility. he will be released in 6 months and wear an ankle bracelet. he'll write a book which becomes a bestseller and retire to a country where abusing women is not only legal but encouraged.

if he were black, he would be beaten every day to and from his trial, sentenced to life with no hope of parole and shanked to death while in prison.
the life of a black man.


So now we have a person who has changed the sexual assaults into a race comment.  Come on people.  The problem isn't that Jeffrey McCallister is white.  This male nurse, ominously a former police officer, is a criminal if proven guilty.  He will be sentenced according to the law.  The real problem is the use of a drug which actually ENCOURAGES lawless acts.  How many patients are tortured using this drug?  Just how many patients are sexually assaulted under sedation?  Who would know due to the nature of Versed?  The real problem is that the medical field covers up this kind of abuse.  I guess they figure that as long as the patient can''t remember being violated, then there is no harm.  Is this the mindset YOU want from medical people?  Versed not only fries your brain, it also facilitates rape, sodomy, and oral sex along with the routine torture patients are subjected to because of Versed/Midazolam.

This commenter, FMD Medina completely disregards the issues and focuses on the shade of the (alleged) perps epidermis, and uses completely fabricated scenarios.  I find it so strange that EVERYTHING is about skin tone these days.  Sure, ignore the problem with what the guy did and the hospital administration who allegedly facilitated, ignored and otherwise allowed Jeffrey to do what he did, and instead whine about the color of his skin.  So many things these days, real problems, are swept under the rug in favor of discussing color.  It's maddening.  It doesn't matter what Jeffrey McCallister did, it only matters that his skin color will get him off the hook?  Will it?  I seem to remember a cute little white guy, with the same first name as this nurse, getting shanked in prison by a black guy...  Jeffrey Dahmer didn't get any special treatment because he was a small relatively attractive white guy, now did he?  Who cares what color Jeffrey McCallister is?  What he did and the people who allowed the abuse to continue should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  I don't care what color they are.

PS I believe there is a law that criminals can't profit from their crimes by writing books and keeping the proceeds.  So even that argument is specious.  Plus, if it's legal to make crime pay by writing memoirs, then that avenue would also be available to black criminals.

PPS  Just in;  McCallister has pleaded guilty and received a negotiated 15 year, un-appealable prison sentence.  He also has a 5 year post prison security sentence bringing the total to 20 years.  He will register as a sex offender.  So when he gets out of prison at age 54, his life will be effectively over.  Does that sound like 6 months?  So much for the "white privilege" the commenter above alludes to.  Personally *I* think it should have been a longer sentence, but at least it's not only 7 years like murderers sometimes get.

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