Sunday, January 26, 2014

Non-Anesthesia Providers Notice Versed Is Bad.

I wrote recently about one of my doctors saying that he has heard that Versed is bad.  He promised that he would make sure that I got zero molecules of Versed into my system for any (spurious) reason.  Good.

I went to another doctor (different kind) recently and HE knows how bad Versed is.  He had no problem assuring me that he knows how bad Versed can be, that I am NOT the only person who has a problem with the drug, not by a long shot.  He stated that there is absolutely no reason why anybody needs Versed.  So this is great right?  The doctors who actually deal with patients as real people are in agreement with me on this.  Some of the patient care nurses also understand just how bad Versed is.

Unfortunately the very people who carelessly squirt this drug into our bloodstream have never, ever, never heard that Versed is bad.  EVERYBODY just loves this drug.  NOBODY ever, Ever, EVER has one single problem with Versed.  NEVER!  We must be making it up.  We must have been insane to start with and they just never noticed it.  Funny they seem to notice some nebulous "anxiety" that is apparent only to themselves in every single one of their patients that needs to be immediately medicated severely lest (fill in the blank) happens.  They just never noticed that we are psychopaths.  Imagine that.  What do anesthesia people fill in the blank with?  What could possible happen to people who refuse Versed?  They might wiggle, or maybe expect that their pain be diminished?  Oh the gall of such patients.

So if that's true, about the wiggling and wanting pain medication, then why aren't anesthetists honest about why they want to use Versed?  Why don't they tell us they want to chemically straight jacket us and further, they want to let us scream in pain instead of giving us pain relief?  Why would they be willing to "sedate" us into immobility and force us to lie there in unimaginable pain?  Why do they lie about the fake "anxiety"?  Why do they say that Versed "relaxes" you, when in fact it does nothing of the sort.  It just knocks out your muscle control.

Anesthesia providers who claim that their drug of choice Versed is wonderful are either psycho themselves or have never had to deal with the broken people after their Versed experience.  Especially the crna's.  They aren't doctors and apparently have no clue about their patients as people at all.  They don't see the devastation (on purpose?) they have wrought on their helpless patients and they don't want to know.  Plausible deniability is the term for this.  My thinking is that "anesthesia" deliberately and maliciously remains ignorant about the destruction they cause.  Versed makes their lives so much easier, and that self serving desire trumps ruining the patients brains.  These medical minions are determinedly obtuse and refuse to hear what the doctors, patients, web pages, news reports, scientific investigations or anything else is saying about Versed.  It's all about what those nurses want isn't it?    You, the patient, don't matter, not even a tiny little bit.  Doctors get it, the anesthesia/icu nurses don't.  I think that is the main difference between having a nurse or a doctor supplying your care.  Guess which *I* choose?

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