Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Militant Crna's

I'm so sick of crna's I could scream.  Wherever there is a discussion on anesthesia and particularly Versed, they jump in and try to tell everybody, doctor and patient alike how freakin' superior they are.  Oh they are just as good as a doctor, maybe even better.  It NEVER fails.  What would make an entire group of people act like this?

Here's an older article; Certified registered nurse anesthetists: out to replace MDs?

READ THE COMMENTS if you want to see how full of themselves crna's are.  No wonder mine lied to me and pretended that he was God incarnate, refused to follow my simple directions and went right on ahead with whatever HE wanted me to have.  He truly felt that he was/is vastly superior to me and everybody else.  Since then I have read the kind of comments on this particular article EVERYWHERE and they have shown up in my inbox and comments.  Who is going to save patients from egomaniacal crna's?  Look, even the Srna's are pouncing.  God save us from these arrogant know-it-all people.

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