Friday, November 29, 2013

A Tale Of Caution...

Any of my readers who haven't gotten the idea that medical personnel are not to be trusted, here is a story for you.
Once upon a time, an elderly gentleman came to the attention of the county. He was living alone on a parcel of land which he owned free and clear. His adult children lived elsewhere. The older man was healthy and did odd jobs helping people repair their cars, trucks and equipment to keep himself busy. All fine and good right? Well, the county needed to provide timber for a well known sawmill entity and this old man was sitting on a piece of property which would provide second growth timber for the maw of the sawmill. He lived in a logging town and the sawmill was a major employer.

The busybodies of the town sent social services out to the man's house in the woods to "investigate" whether he should be allowed to remain on his property or removed "for his own good". A social worker arrived and found nothing to comment on. The old man was bright, lucid, in excellent condition, dressed appropriately and in good spirits. Except for, get this, he had mismatched socks on. Everybody knows that mismatched socks are a sign of declining mental capacity right?. Mismatched socks are the kiss of death in our society, at least in this instance. Especially if you own a piece of property which contains a valuable stand of trees ostensibly needed by the town to keep the sawmill open, and a medical community which wants a share of any profit to be had.

The social worker dutifully collected the old man, lying to him about the reason he was being taken to a medical center. At the center, the hapless victim was given documents to sign, in the usual duplicity employed by medical minions against trusting souls. Little did the old man or any of his family know that he had just signed his own death warrant.

So there was this healthy older man, being held against his will by medical people. Why would they do this? Follow the money. I have talked about medical care bankrupting the country by the enormous cost of such, but in this case the medical behemoth was only the start. They kept the old man against his will, racking up ENORMOUS medical bills until his family obtained a court order securing his release. Remember that the ONLY "crime" this poor guy had committed was in not matching his socks up. Except for the whole timber thing. I'm getting to that.

In the meantime, the medical center, doctors and the rest of them, to include Medicare etc had slapped a lien on his property...for unnecessary medical intervention. The county "bought" the land from the medical entity and happily logged it. Did I mention that the county commissioner was also in logging? So he, his company, the timber processing company, the doctors, the "rest home" the hospital, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. all made money off this old guy. Yet that wasn't enough for these people.

When the old man's son obtained that court ordered release? The medical people needed to conceal their lawless behavior and the rest of their scheme, so they drugged him with Haldol and he died before his son could free him to tell his tale. They said that they HAD TO because the old man wanted to go home. Wanting to go home to a house in the woods, alone, is suspect. Only a crazy man would want to elope from the facility and forage among the trees with mismatched socks on, or so the reasoning goes. They had to drug him to keep him "safe" in the rest home. (in violation of the court order). The doctors(?) said so. Or so they claimed.

The main reason I investigated this story is because I suspected Versed use. That may still be the case, but the drug used to kill him was Haldol. The same drug that the crna's want to use against all of us who object to Versed... I digress.

As it turns out, the scheme outlined above was used many times against elderly people who had purchased acreage from wood products companies who had logged the old growth years ago. Once the second growth forest had re-established itself over the course of fifty years or so and was valuable once again, these old folks were rounded up, forced into a "care" facility and billed until the bill was more than the land was worth. This was an unholy alliance between medicine and government in collusion to rob old people.

It doesn't take long to run up a bill in a rest home. I investigated a rest home in that area for my uncle. The cost at the time was $5,600 per month for a shared room. Doctors, drugs and additional care were extra. You can see how lucrative this ploy is. Never trust that anybody connected with health care actually has your best interests at heart.

The moral of the story is, don't get old, don't have anything of value, and above all, don't wear mismatched socks. Your life depends on it. (If you are a medical person, know that this remote mountain town and the other players in this scheme had to pony up a LOT of money for this crime. Don't try it.)

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