Saturday, June 15, 2013

Versed/Ketamine and Apoptotic Neurodegeneration

Here is the link;  Potential of ketamine and midazolam, individually or in combination, to induce apoptotic neurodegeneration in the infant mouse brain

Here's a quote from the article...  "Since Midazolam is a GABAmimetic drug and ketamine an NMDA antagonist, the combination exposes a pediatric patient to the same dual mechanism by which ethanol damages the human fetal brain."

If I'm not mistaken this is a fancy way of saying that Midazolam causes brain damage, particularly if administered in conjunction with Ketamine.  (read article, there's much more about Versed) 

"Midazolam ...induced a neuroapoptotic response in both the cortex and caudate/putamen that was not obviously different from the response to ketamine although the pattern of C3A staining induced by midazolam tended to include a larger number of neurons distributed in the deep layers of the cortex.    The apoptotic response to midazolam was statistically significant (emphasis mine) in both the caudate/putamen...and cerebral cortex...and was roughly comparable in magnitude to the response to ketamine..."

In closing the scientist had this to say "Steps should be taken to resolve this issue as soon as possible in that many immature humans are being exposed throughout the world to ketamine alone or in combination with GABAmimetic anesthetics."

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  1. PS If you don't like the finding(s) of the scientists, why don't you WRITE to them, tell them you are a nurse and that you know more than they do about this subject?