Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Doctor Comes Over To My Side

Upon reading this, in one way I feel justified but on the other hand, I would never ever wish my Versed reaction on anybody.  That includes the nasty people who come here to abuse me.  I don't wish this on them either.  Here is a doctor describing her experience with Versed.  (I got the comment from here Midazolam Sedation Is Not ALWAYS Safe - Forum Thread Page 4)

Here is the comment in its entirety:



posted by Judith on 23 May 2013 at 8:04 pm

As a practicing primary care doc, I found the comments from "never again" over the top..initially...then,as a doc with decades of medical training, I received Versed for a screening colonoscopy and it was a nightmare! Most patients get Versed which almost drove me crazy; memory loss (long-term), anger, combativeness (hit the endo nurse) and severe depression....I'm high-risk for colon cancer and WILL NOT ever again agree to "sedation" with Versed or any other drug...


Thank you Judith, you made my day.  I hope that your problems from Versed subside more quickly than they did for me.   If it helps, my opinion is that mostly really bright people have problems with Versed.  It's just my opinion based on scores of anecdotal evidence presented by the patients themselves. 

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